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Itchy mole: what you need to know and when to worry

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An itchy mole is always a source of concern. So let’s find out what it is, how to act and when it is really appropriate to be alarmed.

When you discover an itchy mole, getting scared and starting to think the worst is very common. Fortunately, in most cases there is nothing to worry about.
The itch of the mole, in fact, can be completely random and irrelevant. What matters is the way it looks, the appearance of the mole and the reactions you have after scratching. So let’s try to shed some light on itchy moles and what is really important to know.

Itchy mole: why it occurs and what it means

The mole is a pigmented lesion of a benign nature that remains fixed in its seat and therefore, in most cases, should not cause any concern .

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Generally these are signs that occur from birth or that can occur at any time in life. Although the itchy mole alone (especially if it is occasional) should not be scary, it is one of the signs that indicate the need for a medical check-up . Especially if the itching tends to get constant.

In the dangerous? Itching could be a wake-up call

As already mentioned, the itch of a mole alone, unless it becomes a constant, should not arouse fear. However, it is a symptom that associated with others can begin to indicate the need for medical control, even if only to calm down. Symptoms to watch out for are:

– Ache.
– Itchy raised mole.
Swelling .
– Mole burning.
– Loss of serum.
– Ulceration of the mole.
– Increased sensitivity.
– Desquamation of the mole.

In the presence of multiple symptoms, one or more dangerous ones could be in front of you. To find out, it is obviously necessary to go to the dermatologist and carry out a check-up after which it will be decided whether to continue monitoring the situation or whether to proceed with the removal of the mole.

Having said that, a mapping of moles is always a good prevention method to take care of yourself and your health in the right way.

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