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It’s not a dream: we will soon be wearing Bridgerton-style shoes on our feet


Lovers of costume films, but especially Bridgerton addicted, the shoes inspired by the series are about to arrive: know it!

From Sex and The City , passing through Gossip Girl , up to Emily in Paris , the TV series are a synthesis of tastes and fashion trends to launch, but also to be inspired by. It is true for us as well as for those who work in fashion, and this is how the beauty of Bridgerton’s clothes and accessories inspired Mary Alice Malon, Creative Director and founder of Malone Souliers , a Made in Italy footwear brand.

Waiting for the hugely successful costume series by Netflix to arrive with its second season, after having brought collier-sized bijoux into vogue, and having somehow rekindled the love for jewels composed of precious stones, now it will be footwear to give us a leap into that past that smacks of Austenian atmospheres.

Bridgerton: The shoes inspired by the series will be signed by Malone Souliers

The power of this partnership should not be underestimated, which could also influence looks, perhaps with a revival of lace, lace, long gloves – which already some time ago returned to our wardrobe, making us feel a little in Breakfast at Tiffany’s – and long skirts a little more voluminous. For now, the shoes are certain capsules: there will be 15 models to fall in love with and maybe even give us or let us give for Christmas.

“I’m a huge Bridgerton fan. It reinterprets the past with a sense of revolution and joy, exactly the same approach I have in creating my footwear. This partnership has been fascinating from a design point of view, allowing us to unleash the pomp and unbridled splendor of Regency fashion “, so the creative director of the brand commented on this very special union, announced in an Instagram post in the month of August.

What to expect? The caption of the post already makes you dream and imagine what these delightful shoes could be, in perfect line with the elegance of the brand: “Expect intricate jacquard, shimmering satin, plumed plumes and all sorts of embellishments, which reinterprets the sinuous and distinctive silhouette of the Malone Souliers ” .

Malone Souliers, when the capsule dedicated to the Netflix costume series will be on sale

Currently, neither on the website of the footwear brand, nor on Instagram there have been further updates on the release date of the capsule, of which a preview of the shoe manufacture has not yet been released . They will certainly be purchased online, while the price could be at least from 500 euros upwards, the average price of a Malone Souliers heeled shoe.

It is not excluded that we could see and buy this special capsule at the beginning of next year, since Bridgerton 2 seems to be released by Netflix no earlier than 2022. In the meantime, however, it is worth getting inspired and taking a look at the latest collections of this footwear brand from the Italian manufacture, which before the announcement of this capsule seemed not to be known to many.

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