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Jenny Packham, the sparkling dresses of the designer loved by the stars (and Kate Middleton)


From the gold dress worn at the Premiere of 007 by Kate, Jenny Packham and her most beautiful dresses are on everyone’s lips.

Galeotto was Kate Middleton’s dress , a spectacular evening dress studded with bright gold sequins and sequins, to make people talk about her wonderful evening and ceremony dresses, but in reality the name of the English designer Jenny Packham is not the first time you hear. What is certain is that surely after such a surprising dress – which competes a lot with the Gucci crystal dress worn by Dakota Johnson in Venice 78 – worn by the Duchess, we will hear her name even more often.

And indeed Jenny Packham owes much of her fame in England to Kate Middleton , who is not the first time she has relied on her favorite designer: in more official releases, especially after the birth of royal babies, the first public release for introducing her babies Kate did it by almost always choosing a Packham dress.

Kate Middleton: Jenny Packham’s “postpartum” dresses

Jenny Packham is undoubtedly famous above all for the creation of evening, wedding and ceremony dresses , for which she has an expressly dedicated profile on Instagram. Yet, thus emphasizing even more the deep bond with Kate Middleton, he also created much simpler dresses for the Duchess, with a very romantic allure. Examples are the light blue polka dot dress and the floral yellow dress that Kate wore after the birth of George and Charlotte respectively.

Creations on request and made to measure, such as the red dress with a white lace collar that Packham created in homage to Saint George and dressing Kate once again on the occasion of the celebration of the patron saint of England. Dress composed, attentive to detail, in full Kate Middleton style, which has certainly been refined and stylized thanks to the touch of this English designer who has signed and signs the Duchess’s pret a porter look for some time.

But the special occasion of the release of 007 No time to die, a social event and occasion in which the royals have always participated with known devotion, allowed the Duchess to support Jenny Packham in another nuance, the sparkling one of her evening dresses scenographic. And that not only Kate wore.

Evening dresses from Jenny Packham: sequins, sparkles and empire style

Jenny Packham was born as an independent brand, which in 1988 launched a mini collection of black and white silk evening dresses, later specializing in bridal and ceremony collections. A touch this that is also felt in her evening dresses today, characterized by an evident imperial style where sequins are almost always a constant.

– Similar to the model worn by Kate, but in a silver version is the dress worn by Eliza Cummings always at the premiere of 007. In this last case, the designer enhances the dynamism of her dresses, which descend along the always soft body.

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– The peculiarity of the designer’s clothes is that of being able to combine light fabrics and sequins with great ease, as happens in the dress worn by Black Lively , to which the actress even combines a denim jacket, showing how the designer’s models are highly versatile even on less sophisticated occasions.

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