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Jogging in the rain: tips and tricks

Jogging in the rain: tips and tricks

Jogging under the rain: what to wear for to stay protected and how to benefit from it.

Rain will not scare jogging lovers! Running in the rain can help relieving stress and feeling better. However, you should consider the consequences of temperature changes and humidity. First of all, you need to be equipped with suitable clothing and to be in good health.

Jogging in the rain is a very common practice, but it is important to keep in mind some precautions in order to avoid falling or bad flus. Here’s some helpful advice.

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Jogging in the rain: benefits and tips

The first thing to do to runin the rain is stretching. When you go out, your muscles are cold and you can risk a strain and to fee cold. A warm up before your run will activate your blood circulation, improve the muscular elasticity and will rise your temperature.

Jogging helps relieving daily stress and tension. In addition, by activating your blood circulation, you will feel less tired and stronger.

Moreover, among the benefits, you will experience a better elasticity and a faster metabolism. Therefore, running is ideal if you want to lose weight and have a flatter belly.

What to wear for running in the rain

Wearing a waterproof jacket is a good idea to avoid getting drenched after few metres. Sure, there bagnerete theyou will still get wet, but at least the more sensitive areas, like your neck and back, will stay covered.

Try and wear a hat with visor to protect your eyes from the rain and to run better.

As for clothing, choose transpiration clothes. Avoid synthetic fabrics, because they will make you sweat and will cause unpleasant temperature changes.

In addition, too heavy clothes are not recommended because they may make you sweat too much, making them even more bulkier.

Wear specific gloves to keep your hands warm.

How to replace jogging when it’s raining

If you really can’t do without running, exercise at home.

Your will fall in love with a jump rope. Do three sets of twenty jumps on the spot with a break of thirty second between every set. Repeat three more times.

If, instead, you prefer to exercise without tools, try jogging in place. Raise your knees the most that you can trying to bring them to your chest. Walk forward and backward the length of your room until you feel relaxed.

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