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Jumping Jack, how it works and what benefits it gives the body

jump sea sunset

One of the most classic exercises is actually a real cure-all for the whole organism, able to tone the whole body and burn calories. Here’s how it works and how to do it correctly.

The Jumping Jack is one of the most complete and effective exercises, so much so that it is included in many types of workouts and training. This particular movement in fact allows to tone the arms and legs, activating the body’s metabolism.

It literally means explosive jump and is based on a push that comes from all the muscles. This exercise is perfect both as a warm-up and if you decide to intersperse it with the rest of the workout. Let’s find out how Jumping Jacks work and how to perform them in the most correct way.

Jumping Jack: how to do them right

In order to maximize the performance of Jumping Jacks it is essential to perform them in the most correct way . To do this, you have to start from a standing position with feet together and arms at your sides. Then just start jumping, alternating arm and leg movements.

What makes the difference in the execution of Jumping Jacks are the coordination and speed of the jump , without considering the synergy that is created between the movements. In any case, the most important thing is to have some precautions, including:

sneakers , comfortable and well-laced to lighten the impact with the ground
– always keep your back straight when running
inhale when the arms are raised and exhale when they close
– add weights to the ankles and wrists to increase the intensity of the Jumping Jacks

Remember that if you feel fatigue or pain in your arms, legs or back, slow down the intensity of your movements.

jump sea sunset
jump sea sunset

Jumping Jack: the benefits

Jumping Jacks are complete exercises that increase heart rate and temperature, which is why it is part of the warm-up of many sports. Among the benefits of this exercise we can find the strengthening of the respiratory system and the muscles of the legs.

Furthermore, with these exercises it is possible to tone the whole body, so much so that there are many variations to enhance the training even more. As for the calories burned, we can say that they vary according to the duration, intensity and number of repetitions. In any case, it is possible to burn an average of 15 to 30 calories in one minute .

Contraindications and advice

In general, there are no contraindications for Jumping Jacks, but if you suffer from neck or back pain , it is best to avoid jumping. In these cases it is preferable to open and close the legs without jumping. In special cases, or when your pelvic floor is not trained, you may have urine leaking while jumping. Finally, those suffering from hip, ankle or knee problems should not perform this workout too often or too frequently.

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