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Kanye West conquers fashion: the Yeezy brand is the rapper’s big bet

Kanye West

From sneakers to clothing aiming for beauty, Kanye West aims to build his Yeezy empire.

Together with Kim Kardashian – it is still difficult to establish the nature of the relationship between the two despite the divorce -, Kanye West is one of the coolest American entrepreneurs in the US. Rapper by profession but business man by vocation, the success of West’s rise also in fashion is due to the birth of Yeezy sneakers , a brand that he registered as his own and which today aims to conquer other sectors as well, such as clothing and also of beauty. Yeezy, which is also West’s nickname, today more than indicating a fashion line, is destined to become a real lifestyle concept.

Yeezy: the history of sneakers, a lucky deal by Kanye West since 2008

Last April we returned to talk about the very first model of sneakers designed and worn by Kanye West: it was 2008, when his partnership with Nike was active, when on the occasion of the Grammy Awards Kanye presented his Nike Air Yeezy to the world, sold at record price just this year in a British auction. A black suede model, one of many that West thought and created with Nike before the two separated forever. Since then, the history of the brand and the concept of sneakers have definitely evolved.

Before the separation from Nike, which took place in 2013, there was the last launch of a model, the Air Yeezy 2 : a futuristic model that would have influenced all the models to come, but in collaboration with Adidas . A partnership that has lasted ever since and which enshrines the exclusivity of the models made with West: reserved for a few , released in very few and selected stores , after naturally West has aroused curiosity and clamor at each release. In fact, in 2015 the Yeezy Boost 750 , made in 9000 pieces, was presented with a world event in New York broadcast in 42 cinemas.

The next model was the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 , sneakers still in trend and which have changed the original design of the previous models: they are in fact without a tongue on the heel, have the SPLY-350 writing on the outside of the shoe and have a sole transparent.

Not just sneakers: clothing and soon beauty always in Ye style

With the association Adidas, Kanye, who in recent years has always been able to count on the advice and lessons of Virgil Abloh, the professional of street luxury also disputed by high fashion brands, decides to aim high and together with the very successful line of sneakers launches even Yeezy clothing. The design is sporty, street, casual, with a chic allure in the selection of shades : the women’s line is very inspired by the shoes with pronounced and extravagant shapes with a contemporary taste, which we have often seen wearing Kim Kardashian. Not only sports shoes but also pumps and ankle boots .

And since the Yeezy taste has been depopulating for just over a decade now, West has wondered why not to soon become popular in beauty too ? After sharing and learning the passion for the make-up world from Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, the rapper’s brand seems to have been registered to also create a beauty line, consisting of face masks, make-up, creams, shaving foams, deodorants and perfumes , just so as not to miss anything. Little is known about the official launch, but we already know that West will probably surprise us by making use of its certain partner affair Kim.

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