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Keeping your plants indoors improves air quality and your skin look!

Keeping your plants indoors improves air quality and your skin look!

We already know that keeping plants at home is healthy, but here is a new proof that shows they improve air quality and your skin look!

Indoors plants improve air quality, making it damper. They are also an excellent natural remedy against skin and respiratory tract dryness. Other than purifying air, plants are also good for our health.

The confirmation comes from a recent study conducted at the University of Reading and the Royal Horticultural Society. English scholars have conducted a study on various types of plants, and in what way they change the air around them. The research showed that the best plants to absorb large amounts of CO2 and water are peace lilies and ivy.

Indoor plants are good for your health and skin!

In the past, many studies established that some plants can eliminate the pollutants in your house. It has now been shown that plants with high transpiration rates – that is, plants who need a lot of water – give many benefits to the environment and our health.

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Indoor plants generate a lot of moisture, which keeps skin hydrated and our airways open. According to experts, the best plants to purify the air are two: the spathiphyllum, or peace lily and ivy. So what are you waiting for? Go buy them: they will improve your health and beautifully decorate your home.

The expert Tijana Blanusa said: “Domestic plants can be a convenient and simple way to reduce house air dryness and to relieve the symptoms of dry skin, while providing many other benefits for the human psyche and physical health“.

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