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Kiwi diet: how to lose a size quickly

Kiwi smoothie

The kiwi diet is perfect for losing weight quickly and cleansing the body. Let’s find out how it works!

One of the best fruits to lose weight and purify the body is kiwifruit, as it is rich in fiber and low in calories. The kiwi diet is very effective and allows you to lose up to two kilos per week.

Obviously, it is a drastic diet, which can be followed for a week at most. We also advise you to always ask your doctor for advice on a personalized diet and to avoid taking risks. Let’s see an example of a weekly menu.

The kiwi diet: example menu

Here is an example menu to put this diet into practice. Let’s see day by day how many meals to eat and what to eat to regain shape !


Breakfast : tea or coffee, two rusks with sugar-free jam and a kiwi.

Snack : a low-fat yogurt.

Lunch : mixed fruit salad with kiwi and draining herbal tea.

Snack : two rice or corn cakes and green tea.

Dinner : chicken breast with salad and a kiwi.

Kiwi smoothie
Kiwi smoothie


Breakfast : always the same throughout the week.

Snack : fruit juice without sugar and two wholemeal biscuits.

Lunch : mixed salad with bresaola and kiwi smoothie.

Snack : two wholemeal rusks with tea or coffee.

Dinner : grilled sole with salad and a kiwi.


Snack : low-fat yogurt.

Lunch : wholemeal spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce and a kiwi.

Snack : tea with two wholemeal biscuits.

Dinner : chicken breast with carrots and a kiwi.


Snack : green tea with two wholemeal rusks.

Lunch : brown rice with grilled vegetables and a kiwi.

Snack : low-fat yogurt.

Dinner : steamed salmon with salad and a kiwi.


Snack : sugar-free orange juice and two wholemeal biscuits.

Lunch : wholemeal fusilli with natural tuna and a kiwi smoothie.

Snack : low-fat yogurt.

Dinner : steamed cod with grilled vegetables and a kiwi.


Snack : an apple.

Lunch : fresh tomato brown rice and kiwi smoothie.

Snack : tea or coffee with two wholemeal rusks.

Dinner : grilled chicken breast with salad and a kiwi.


Snack : low-fat yogurt.

Lunch : vegetable soup with brown rice, kiwi fruit salad.

Snack : a packet of wholemeal crackers.

Dinner : steamed sea bass with grilled vegetables and a kiwi.

Kiwi: the benefits

Kiwis are a fruit with a thousand potentials and are perfect to be included in many diets, ideal especially for those who love sports . they have a very high content of vitamin C , which makes them excellent for raising the immune system. They also contain vitamin E, vitamin K and mineral salts (potassium and copper).

Being a source of fiber , they help fight constipation, cleanse the intestines and lower blood cholesterol levels. They also have a high water intake and contain many antioxidants.

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