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Knee pain: causes and remedies for instant relief

Knee pain: causes and remedies for instant relief

How to treat knee pains: grandma’s old remedies, compresses and medicinal herbs to reduce swellings and improve blood circulation.

An incorrect movement, temperature changes or aging can cause annoying knee pains. Don’t ever take this problem lightly as very often it also involves muscles and joints. For this reason, you should act immediately and proactively to relieve and treat the inflammation.

You can relieve the pain with natural remedies and reduce the swelling with a few cheap treatments.

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Compresses against the knee pain

One of the most ancient remedies grandmothers handed down to reduce knee swellings is cabbage wraps. Take some leaves and flatten them by using a glass bottle and not a rolling pin, in order to let them expel their juice without having the wood absorbing it.

Take the crushed juicy leaves and layered them on your knees and around. Secure it with a bandage and let it sit for an hour. Repeat the operation two or three times. Its smell may be a bit unpleasant, but do not wash yourself, otherwise you will lose the beneficial properties.

You can also try a rosemary, melissa and sage compress. These herbs are also great against sore throat. Prepare a herbal tea with these three plants, and dunk a cotton cloth with it. Place it directly on the knee and let it sit for about half an hour. When the cloth will become cold, dunk it again in the infusion and repeat the operation three times.

Plants and herbs against the swelling

Arnica is a true miracle against muscles, bones and joints pains. Its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties guarantee an immediate relief and improvement of the sore area. You can buy this remedy at the herbalist’s shop as an ointment and applied it directly on the sore area.

To reduce the swelling and improve circulation, you can try using St John’s wort oil. Add it to almond oil to improve its effectiveness and massage it where it hurts the most.

Aloe vera is also great to relieve and control pain. You can buy a gel or cream at the herbalist’s shop or in natural product stores. You can extract the juice from the leaf yourself.

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