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Knee pain: how to cure it with grandma’s advice


Knee pain can be caused by several factors, but it is possible to relieve it with some grandma’s remedies: here are which ones!

Improper movement or several other factors can cause knee pain that is difficult to manage. It can be caused by excessive overweight, shock, osteoarthritis or arthritis, patella injury , or structural changes. For this reason, after having focused well on the source of the symptom, if you consider it serious and persist for days , it is important to seek help from a specialist. In the event that the pain has just started and does not have swelling, it would be useful to use some natural remedies to relieve the symptoms. Here are a few!

Knee pain without swelling

If the source of the pain is inflammatory and the pain occurs more when the knee is bent, ice should be used to relieve the pain and have an immediate effect. This option should only be considered if you are sure it is inflammation, otherwise it could only make the problem worse!

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-Another anti inflammatory remedy is orange which can be taken in the form of cream or tablets. Easily available in pharmacies or herbalists.

Cabbage is also perfect to use as a natural anti-inflammatory. Just put a few leaves in boiling water and press them so that the juice comes out. The compound obtained is applied to the knee and covered with a cloth for about 30 minutes .

Pain behind the knee

If the pain is behind the knee, it could be caused by the ” Baker’s Cyst ” which is a sac that contains fluid and occurs in the back of the knee. This applies to any age group. It can appear after the onset of arthritis or from meniscal injury. One of the most effective remedies is devil’s claw , perfect for inflammation and trauma. Green clay powder applied behind the knee can also be a natural and effective remedy.

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The remedies work only if accompanied by the right physical activity – which must not be excessive: during the treatment you should perform some exercises to relieve the pain and eliminate it completely.

Knee pain compresses

One of the oldest remedies handed down by grandmothers to deflate the knees is the cabbage wrap. To prepare it, take the leaves and create strips, so you can flatten them. Do not use a rolling pin, but a glass bottle so that the juice can escape, but that it is not absorbed by the wood.
At this point, take the crushed leaves , well impregnated with juice, and apply them in several layers above the knee and around. To make them stay still, wrap the area with gauze and let it act for an hour. Repeat this two or three times. The smell may be a little unpleasant, but it is advisable not to wash, otherwise the beneficial properties will be lost.

Also try a compress made from rosemary , lemon balm and sage – herbs that are also excellent against a sore throat . Prepare a decoction with these three plants and pour it on a cotton cloth. Place it directly on your knee and let it act for about half an hour . When the cloth has become cold, wet it again in the infusion and repeat the operation three times.

Natural plants and herbs against swelling

Arnica is a true miracle against pain in muscles, bones and joints. Its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties allow, in fact, immediate relief and improvement of the painful area. This fabulous remedy can be purchased in herbal medicine in the form of an ointment and is applied directly to the affected area.

To deflate and improve circulation you can try St. John’s wort oil . Combine it with almond oil to make it more effective and do a massage where you feel the most pain.

Aloe vera is also excellent for relieving and controlling pain. You can buy it in gel or cream in herbal medicine or in shops that sell natural products. The most skilled can try to extract the juice at home directly from the leaf.

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