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KonMari method: what it is and how it works

KonMari method: what it is and how it works

How to tidy your home with the KonMari method: what it is and how it positively influences our everyday life

Are you looking for an efficient way to tidy your house but you don’t know where to start? The KonMari method will help you to have a perfect home, without falling back into chaos again. The creator of this method is Marie Kondo, author of the book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing“.

According to this method, you should tidy not only what’s around you, but also what’s inside yourself. Marie Kondo explains that objects have a soul. When they do not give us any feeling anymore, it’s time to throw them away. Let’s see how to follow her advice!

How does the KonMari method work?

KonMari method: what it is and how it works
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You need to tidy everything in just one time, even if it takes more time. Do not clean one room a day. The psychological effect you have after having tidied everything up will definitely make you feel better!

Another fundamental thing to do is to divide everything into categories, for example clothes, accessories, photos or books. Once done, take every single object and ask yourself if it sparks joy or not. If it does, you can keep it, otherwise thank it for what it has given you, then throw it away.

Talking about clothes, you should take them all outside of the closet. Then, take them one by one, asking yourself if they still give you feelings and you need to use them again.

Positive changes with the KonMari method

People who followed this method said they are more successful, both at work and in their personal lives. The KonMari method helps achieving your ambitions and to obtain positive changes.

This is possible because when you tidy your home, you develop positive energy, which will make you feel more self confident for the future.

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