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Korean lips: the most sensual beauty trend ever!

Korean lips: the most sensual beauty trend ever!

What are Korean lips and how to get them? The new make-up trend is having sensual lips!

Korean lips are among the many beauty innovations of the time. As the name suggests, this trend comes from Korea, one of the major countries launching new funny and brilliant beauty trends.

What are we talking about? This is a new technique to apply lipstick, which gives a voluminous and seductive look to your lips. We are talking about ombré lips. You have to put two different shades of lipstick of very natural colors.

Korean lips: a must have!

The purpose of this make-up is to make your lips look bigger, full of volume and sensual. But at the same time, the aim is to show natural lips and to enhance their shape.

This is a blended-color lips make-up. People have already been fallen in love with this new technique and they have posted on social medias lots of video and photos, especially on Instagram.

Korean lips
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For perfect Korean lips you need to have moisturized lips. Before applying the lipstick, you can have a lip scrub: just mix honey and sugar and rub it on your lips!

After having mosturized them, you need to give an opaque color to your lips by applying a thin layer of concealer. To get the faded effect, you need to apply a darker shade of lipstick only on the center of your lips and you have to lightly blend it with a brush to the outside. Finally, you can decide if you want a shiny or finish matte effect. You can apply a gloss or a lighter shade lipstick. Your lips will be beautiful, kiss-proof and ready for a selfie!

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