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Kylie Skin, the new beauty line of Kylie Jenner, is finally online!

Kylie Skin, the new beauty line of Kylie Jenner, is finally online!

Here’s everything you need to know about Kylie Skin, the new face care collection by Kylie Jenner!

Kim Kardashian’s stepsister strikes again: after her successful makeup line, she has just launched a skincare line. Kylie Skin is dedicated to every type of skin and it is made with amazing and completely vegan products.

Kylie Jenner is very satisfied from the results, because she really takes care of her look and her daily skincare, following the right beauty routine for her. Find out everything about her line and where to buy it!

Kylie Skin, the beauty line for a perfect skin care

After Kylie Cosmetics, she could not miss the opportunity of developing a line dedicated to the care of our skin! This new line is suitable for everyone, contains high quality products that are not that expensive.

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According to what the influencer said, the products do not contain parabens, sulphates, gluten and, most of all, they are cruelty free. The line has: an eye-contour cream, a face cream, a scrub, a detergent mousse, a toner and a serum. The mousse is specific for sensitive skin, therefore it makes it even softer! Instead, the scrub is rich in anti-inflammatory ingredients which can remove dead cells.

The serum is the most amazing product: it is rich in vitamin C and stimulates the production of collagene, helping your skin to look healthy and shiny. Moreover, you can use the face cream in your beauty routine or use it as a base for your makeup.

Where to buy the Kylie Skin products?

As we mentioned, this line is not that expensive, but not cheap either. For example, the toner costs 22 dollars and the mousse 24 dollars. The whole kit costs about 125 dollars. You can buy all the products on the official website!

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