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Lactose-free foods: what they are, how to recognize them and for whom they are useful


Lactose-free foods are indispensable for all those who cannot tolerate this substance. Let’s find out which are the main ones and how to recognize them.

When we talk about lactose-free foods, we mean those foods that do not contain it in nature or that are deprived of it during the processing phase. Over time, the latter are increasing from year to year, making life easier for those who have difficulties in this regard or for those who simply prefer to eat lactose-free to keep themselves lighter.

What are the foods that do not contain lactose

Going to lactose-free foods, the ones that are naturally free of it are all those of plant origin. Therefore, fruit (both fresh and dried), vegetables and flours stand out.


Likewise, lactose-free products also include eggs , fish and meat. However, these must be natural. In the processed version and therefore in the form of cured meats, they could in fact contain some. In that case it is important to check the labels to make sure of all the added ingredients. Going to dairy products, usually high in lactose, many are now produced without lactose. To recognize them, just rely on the wording on the label.

Among the lactose-free dairy products there are for example mozzarella , cottage cheese, yogurt, milk, ricotta, etc … These, as well as for those suffering from lactose intolerance , are also very useful for the lactose-free diet for weight loss.

List of lactose-free foods: how to understand the exact quantities

On the web there is a table of lactose-free foods to which you can refer to understand which foods contain the most. Among the many, for example, skimmed cow’s milk stands out. Going to those that do not contain it there are instead the parmesan, the grana, the aged pecorino, the fontina, the provolone and a few others.

To be on the safe side, it is always better to check the labels carefully, buy only cheeses declared as lactose-free and pay attention to all products processed and in which lactose could be added at a later time. In this way you will be able to eat with greater peace of mind and without taking risks.

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