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Lactose intolerance: what can you eat?

Lactose intolerance: what can you eat?

What to eat in case of lactose intolerance? Here’s a list of foods containing milk and derivatives and the best alternatives.

Being lactose intolerance means your intestine struggles when it comes to assimilate and eliminate lactose proteins. This dairy sensitivity ten develops in adults and causes intestinal problems. In the most serious cases, you can also suffer from day-long diarrhea, nausea and headache.

ven thought when you were younger you have never had problems with dairy products, you can start suffering from this disorder as adults. therefore, what you should eat if your body suddendly starts to act differently?

Do not worry! Nowadays, there are thousands of lactose alternatives that you already eat every day, without even realizing. You can easily replace milk, butter and cream with vegetal or lactose-free products. In this way, you won’t give up on anything you like One of the most common alternatives is soy. You can use it both for your sweet and savoury recipes!

If you start suffering from lactose intolerance, be careful and always read the labels of the foods you buy; moreover, always ask if your bread, desserts and common foods contain milk or its derivatives.

Foods containing lactose

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Many people do not know, but cold cuts can also contain this substance. Often, the milk proteins are used as preservatives. Therefore, remember to read the labels.

Almost all sweet snacks and pre-packaged products contain milk and its derivatives. Among these, there are biscuits, desserts and ice creams (even the fresh ones). In order to avoid problems, prepare your own dessert and homemade biscuits! Pay attention also to pre-cooked foods: nowadays it is really difficult to find them without lactose.

Remember to read carefully also the label of pre-packaged bread, breadsticks, toasts, cereals and chocolate.

How to replace lactose?

If you cannot drink a glass of milk anymore, try with soy, rice or oat drinks. They are commonly known as “vegetal milks“, but they are no milk at all. Moroever, these drinks are perfect for vegans!

Sliced bread, sweet sandwiches and other bakery products often contain milk. How to replace them? Choose vegan products, because they do not contain animal derivatives. Usually, they replace milk with vegetal oil.

People suffering from this intolerance can also eat lactose-free cheeses. Instead, if you like traditional products, try some 20 month-old Parmigiano Reggiano: it does not contain this substance!

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