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Late dinners are dangerous and make you gain weight: here’s what to pay attention to

Late dinners are dangerous and make you gain weight: here’s what to pay attention to

Many people are used to eat late at night. This habit can be dangerous for your health; here are some important advice.

It’s not a secret that our diet highly influences our body. In order to keep fit, we know we need to control quantities and qualities of the food we eat. Healthy products and small portions are keys to avoid many disorders related to our diet.

However, there’s something else we do not take into account: meal hours. How does eating late dinners influence our health? Modern life frenetic rhythms make us often have dinner late at night, often after 9 p.m.

This habit can be dangerous for our health. According to the experts, you should finish your dinner 2 hours before going to bed. In this way, your body can complete the digestion and absorb the nutrients. This process is more difficult when you are sleeping, because in that period of time your body needs to recharge its batteries!

Having late dinners makes you gain weight

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Eating late at night makes you gain weight because the body cannot efficiently metabolize fats and carbohydrates. Different studies proved that there is a link between a late dinner and the weight gain.

It is also a hormonal problem: another research showed that eating early dinners help feeling full for longer, thanks to the increased leptine levels in our body. Feeling less hungry for a longer period of time helps us not eating snacks after dinner. In this way, we go to bed feeling lighter.

Eating late at night: risks

Late dinners have negative consequences not only on your silhouette. This behavior can also cause serious health problems. For example, some studies proved that eating late at night increase blood glucose, cholesterol and trygliceride levels. Therefore, there’s a higher risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

With late dinners, you can also affect your brain. Eating food during the phase when instead you should rest influences your learning ability and memory. Moreover, late digestions can compromise your sleep quality, causing insomnia. Especially if you drink coffee at night.

What to eat late at night if you don’t want to gain weight

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You should not have dinner after 8/8.30 p.m., in order to have time to digest. If, for various reasons, this is not possible, it is important to follow some advice.

First of all, eat light and balanced dinners. Choose a low-fat second course and use few seasonings. Do not forget to eat also a good side dish, to which you can add a small sandwich.

Avoid pasta, or at least do not use heavy seasonings. Moreover, if you are used to drink coffee, at least choose a decaffeinated one.

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