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Late period: find out the most common causes

Late period: find out the most common causes

SOS late period: learn the main causes and if it is a possible pregnancy.

It may happen: your period skips a month or is late. This does not mean you are going to be a mother. Before panicking, there are many other different situations to take into account and check with your gynecologist. Your doctor will give you the right explanation to what is happening and will help you solve the problem.

Stress and food deficits are among the main causes of hormonal imbalances. As a consequence, they influence your period. You need to learn how to live calmly the days before your period comes and keep negative thoughts away. Here how to understand if you’re late because of stress or pregnancy!

Causes of late period

Stress is the main cause of this problem. When you have a lot of negative thoughts and worries, they affect not only your mind, but also your body. Drinking relaxing herbal teas at night, before going to sleep, or have a walk could be good ideas to relax your mind.

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Following wrong eating habits can be a problem, too. Skipping your meals or not eating enough can damage your body. The best thing you can do is eating regularly, starting from breakfast: it will boost your energies to start your day in the right way. Moreover, try and follow a healthy and varied diet, rich in vitamins, proteins and omega 3.

When can it be due to a pregnancy?

Another possible cause of a late period can be pregnancy, especially if you had intercourse during your ovulation. You can have a test from the first day you’re late, but it could be too soon to be sure. In order to make sure, repeat the test after one week if your period is still late.

A pregnancy may also happen if you forget your pill or you did not take it correctly. If you did not take it every day around the same hour or if you forgot to take it once or even more than one time, it is better to see your gynecologist.

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