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“Le parfum” perfect for winter? It’s called Eilish, and it’s the first perfume signed by Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish

Delicate and enveloping, Billie Eilish launches her first perfume and makes a dream come true.

If you thought that one of the singers of the moment, with 65 million records sold between albums and digital singles and winner of 7 Grammy Awards at the age of 19, had already realized a lot of dreams in the drawer, know that for a few months instead Billie Eilish has managed to realize her most intimate dream: to make a perfume . The perfume in question, which is already an object of desire among fans, is a gift that Billie has given to herself and of course to those who follow her. More than a product, for the singer it is a dream shared by refined and intense essences.

Billie Eilish: her perfume is enveloping, vegan and refined

An amber, refined and vanilla composition, this is the idea of ​​the perfect perfume packaged by the Los Angeles singer, who after having collaborated in the world of fashion and most recently sneakers with Nike, did not miss the opportunity to create a a desire that she jealously guarded since she was a child, and which in fact lacked the appeal of her forays into the fashion and lifestyle sectors.

On her Instagram profile in a post Billie shared with all her fans the thrill of presenting her first bottle of perfume to the world, as a connoisseur and connoisseur of a world that has always fascinated her: “I’m so excited to finally share with you my debut fragrance “Eilish”. This is a perfume that I have been chasing for years and years, this is my favorite perfume in the world . Perfumes have always been important in my life, in my existence, since I can remember them, and it was a dream to create this perfume and give life to my ideas: this was one of the most exciting things I have ever done in mine. life. I can’t wait for it to be yours soon too “.

The fragrance combines notes of cocoa, wood, musk, vanilla and amber , a vegan perfume and not tested on animals , following the profound values ​​of the singer, enclosed in an elegant and seductive bronze bottle, depicting the bust of a woman from lips to breasts, somewhat reminiscent of the style of Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes.

Where to buy Billie Eilish perfume and when it comes out

For this very important project Billie Eilish has dedicated a special site to her perfume from which it will be possible to buy the perfume: it is called , and from the title it would suggest that the singer intends to seriously invest in this business. The perfume will be officially released on November 10, as announced by the singer on Instagram.

By registering on the site through a special form in which to leave your email, you can be updated on any initiatives and promotions in view of the launch date. The price should be around 68 dollars, about 60 euros , therefore on the average of the prices of high-end perfumes.

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