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The Lean diet promises weight loss in just 15 minutes per day. Let’s see how it works and what all the pros and cons of this diet are.

Losing weight in 15 minutes, everyone’s dream! With the Lean diet, it is possible. Designed by fitness expert Joe Wicks, this food regime promises to make you lose weight by dieting and exercising for just 15 minutes a day.

This is not a strict diet, but small changes gradually over time, in order to have a healthy lifestyle. The main goal is not to lose weight, but to be healthy. For this reason, there are no particular side effects and anyone can try the Lean in 15 diet. Let’s see in detail how it works.

Lean in 15 diet: how it works

Following this diet is easy: just buy Joe Wicks’ book, which contains 100 recipes based on healthy foods, easy to prepare in just 15 minutes. With regard to exercising it is recommending the High Intensity Interval Training, which is a circuit with high intensity exercises, separated by short rest periods.

Lean in 15 diet, or how to lose weight in 15 minutes
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When you exercise, you must consume meals rich in carbohydrates, while on rest days you should eat a lot of proteins and good fats. In addition, there are also special snacks. In general, in the days when you exercise you should eat two low-carbohydrate meals , a carbohydrate-rich one and two snacks. Instead, during the other days of the week all of your meals should be poor in carbohydrates.

Theoretically, in order to obtain results you should follow this diet for 90 days, but you can already see some results after 15 days. Let’s see how.

An example of Lean diet: menu and food

If you choose to follow this particular food regime, you need to divide your week into 4 training days, during which the meals will be mainly based on carbohydrates, and 3 rest days, when you will eat low carbohydrates meals and two snacks.

Here’s a menu for a hypothetical diet during the training days:

Breakfast: two glasses of water on an empty stomach + low-fat yogurt and coffee.

Snack: a fruit

Lunch and dinner: 50g of cereals (choose among pasta, rice, spelt or other), 200g of white meat or fish, a large portion of vegetables, a sandwich, or alternatively 200g of potatoes.

On rest days, instead, the menu should look like this:

Breakfast: two glasses of water on an empty stomach + two eggs and coffee without sugar.

Snack: dried fruit.

Lunch and dinner: 200g of meat or fish, vegetables (preferably leafy greens).

Snack: dried fruit, chocolate or fruit.

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Lean in 15 diet: pros and cons

The advantage of this diet is that it does not involve great sacrifices and, with time, you learn to follow a healthy diet. Moreover, as it only takes  15 minutes of training a day, the Lean in 15 diet is great for people who do not have time to go to the gym. Also its  recipes are very quick to male, just 15 minutes.

There are also disadvantages: you have to buy the book, which is a bit vague about the amounts of food to eat. Also, the recipes are mostly based on a high consumption of animal proteins, which is why this diet has been criticized a lot.

In short, we recommend you to buy the book if you want to know more, but before starting the diet, ask your doctor or a nutritionist for the best food regime for you and your body.

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