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Lemon diet to lose weight in a week: here’s what to know

Lemon diet

How the lemon diet works, to detoxify and lose weight in a short time: here is the weekly menu, the benefits and contraindications.

The lemon diet is a special diet for losing weight quickly. It is based, as is obvious, on the benefits of lemon for our body, and if you start with an attack phase, in particular detox , in the first 3 days it allows you to lose up to 3 kg in a week ; it is also recommended to follow it no longer than a month. Let’s go into more detail on how it works: what are the beneficial properties of lemon, what to eat, what is a weekly menu, what are the advantages and contraindications to keep in mind.

Lemon diet: the benefits for the body

Conceived by Dr. Martine Andre, is a popular diet also star in the world (for example, among the celebrities to ride it there Beyoncé) and it is a diet that focuses on the lemon, food that purifies and cleanses the body by speeding up its metabolism and allowing rapid weight loss.

In fact, lemons have strong detoxifying and draining properties and also manage to reduce the sense of hunger , so they are ideal when it comes to a detox diet , excellent for purifying the body by fighting swelling and water retention .

How the 3 day lemon diet works

There is a first detox part, which lasts 3 days, which is very important for detoxifying. At this stage, the rules to follow are simple, and the fundamental is to regularly consume a drink consisting of 30 cl of water, two tablespoons of maple syrup, cayenne pepper and half a lemon, six times a day: 3 times after meals, once in the middle of the afternoon and also before bedtime and upon waking up.

Lemon diet
Lemon diet

If the goal is to lose even 3 kg, you can continue for the rest of the week until the 7th day.

Does it really work?

Obviously it cannot be said that it is a diet with a guaranteed result for everyone, as it can vary depending on the person and the metabolism of the same. In fact, being a diet that promises to lose weight quickly, it is not always possible to maintain the weight achieved in the following period, especially if there are holidays in between.

What to eat during the diet

In addition to the drink with water and lemon , you must have in mind what to eat and what foods are allowed. To make a list: are allowed legumes, seasonal vegetables, fish, meat, low-fat cheese, eggs, low-fat yogurt, wholemeal biscuits, nuts, tofu and also a consumer, though small, carbohydrate, with pasta and whole wheat bread preferences .

Obviously it is necessary to balance the various foods so as not to always eat the same things. To avoid running into problems it is good to contact an expert nutritionist to assess each type of need.

Lemon diet: weekly menu

There are 3 meals, with 2 snacks in the morning and afternoon.

Here is an example of a menu:

Breakfast : low-fat yogurt / 1 fruit + lemon drink
Snack : 1 fruit
Lunch : legumes, boiled or steamed vegetables, wholemeal pasta (1, maximum 2 times a week) + lemon drink
Snack : dried fruit or 1 fruit or tea + lemon drink
Dinner : white meat, low-fat cheese or fish with boiled vegetables + lemon drink
Before you lie down: lemon drink

Lemon diet
Lemon diet

Lemon diet: contraindications and benefits

As we have said, the benefits of this diet are definitely related to the benefits of lemon, which is capable of purifying our body, but also to lose weight quickly.

However, it is not a risk-free diet. First of all, there is a strong imbalance of permitted foods , especially low in sugars and carbohydrates, and for this reason it can also cause tiredness, weakness, poor concentration and a sense of hunger.

Furthermore, like many fast weight loss diets, there is a difficulty in maintaining the body weight achieved, so if your intent is to lose weight gradually and permanently , perhaps this is not the most suitable diet for you.

Finally, it should also be remembered that lemon juice, if used too much, can cause tooth enamel problems .

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