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Let yourself be captivated by the goodness of Vietnamese rolls

Vietnamese rolls

Vietnamese rolls are made with rice sheets, vegetables, shrimp and rice noodles and are great on their own or with some sauce.

Vietnamese cuisine boasts over 500 recipes but there is one area in which this population really gives its best: the rolls ! In Vietnam they love to turn any dish into a roll and so it’s no wonder that Vietnamese rolls have won worldwide acclaim.

A sheet of rice paper contains a filling made with fresh vegetables , pan-seared shrimp and rice noodles . This unusual pairing works really well and, although in the West we are used to accompany every Vietnamese roll with sauce, they love to taste them in purity. The choice of how to serve them is up to you, they will still be delicious.

Vietnamese rolls
Vietnamese rolls

How to make Vietnamese rolls with the original recipe

  1. First rehydrate the rice noodles in boiling water. Follow the instructions on the package but keep in mind that in principle they should not be cooked like our pasta or they will risk melting.
  2. In the meantime, dedicate yourself to cutting vegetables which in Vietnam is a real art. Cut the courgette and carrot into very thin slices, then make matches. Make them as small as possible because they will be used raw.
  3. Cut the leek in half lengthwise, after removing the final beard, and cut it into filaments too.
  4. Finely slice the purple cabbage .
  5. If you use whole shrimp , clean them by removing the shell and intestines.
  6. Blanch them in a pan for a couple of minutes with a drizzle of oil , just long enough for them to brown.
  7. At this point all the ingredients to prepare the rolls must be ready in front of you.
  8. Rehydrate the rice paper sheets in a dish full of water.
  9. Then place them in front of you and arrange 2-3 prawns in the center, a little zucchini, carrots and leeks, keeping the colors separate.
  10. Drain a handful of spaghetti, cool them in water and put them to cover the vegetables.
  11. Close the roll and, as they are ready, place them on a plate.

Your Vietnamese rolls are ready to be served on their own, with soy sauce or sweet and sour sauce , the choice is yours.


We advise you to consume the freshly made rolls or at most within a few hours because the rice paper tends to dry rather quickly, compromising the consistency.

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