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Let’s discover the strawberry tree, autumn fruit with many properties

Arbutus berries

An unknown autumn fruit but with multiple properties: let’s discover the strawberry tree.

Today we are talking about the strawberry tree, an unknown autumn fruit of Mediterranean origin . These red and yellow berries , with thick protrusions on the surface, have different properties that help our body, especially in the intestine and excretory system.

Although most people are not familiar with the fruit produced by the Arbutus unedo plant, an evergreen shrub, during the autumn season, when the berries ripen, you should have this fruit on your table.

Strawberry tree and its properties

Strawberry tree plant
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The strawberry tree is a fruit with multiple properties , offered not only by its characteristic fruits, about two centimeters in diameter, but also by flowers, leaves and roots of the shrub itself. Among its main features we mention first of all its high content of vitamins and antioxidants , fundamental for our body.

Furthermore, its anti-inflammatory properties should not be forgotten. Not only does the nutritional composition of the Arbutus unedo fruit ensure that the berries have excellent anti-inflammatory effects on the intestine and liver , but they also help fight cystitis and urinary inflammation.

However, the effect of berries on the urinary tract is negligible. If you really want to fight cystitis or other inflammations, it is necessary to use its leaves , also in combination with other plants. An example would be bearberry , another allied plant of the excretory system.

Eliminating excess fluids is another of the many tasks of our body that are supported by the strawberry tree. As in the case of cystitis, it is advisable to take an infusion of its leaves if you want to obtain the draining effect . The leaves are also able to lower blood pressure and promote circulation , for which cinnamon is also useful , without forgetting that they help the liver and bile in their task.

We also remember the astringent power of the plant, an excellent ally in case of diarrhea. We must not forget the strawberry tree honey , which has balsamic and antiseptic effects.

Uses and contraindications

Arbutus is a fruit that can easily be combined with different recipes. Yogurt, ice cream, desserts, fruit salads and also, if left alone, simple snacks. In order for them to be good and its properties to manifest themselves, it is necessary to feed on them when matured. Usually it occurs between October and December and, to realize it, just look at the color: the ripe fruits are of an intense red.

Despite the great properties, it is necessary not to consume excessively . Eating a small amount is good, eating too many can cause problems in the digestive system. Avoid the fruit in case of constipation and, if you are taking drugs, ask your doctor for advice as the fruit may disturb its correct functioning.

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