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Let’s find out how magnetic false eyelashes work and apply

false eye lashes

For a really intense and seductive look, magnetic false eyelashes are an excellent solution. Easy to apply, they guarantee a spectacular effect for every occasion!

Those who love face care and beauty trends cannot miss the make-up solution of the moment. These are magnetic false eyelashes, which can be applied to natural ones thanks to the help of small magnets .

They guarantee a spectacular effect with a really intense look , which you can show off at any occasion. Even their application is not so complex and, with a little practice, they could represent the valid supplement of our beauty routine!

Magnetic false eyelashes, how they work and how they are applied

Having the famous femme fatale look is possible for any type of eye thanks to the solution offered by magnetic false eyelashes. They constitute an artificial eyelash reinforcement proposed in sets of 4 : made of cotton, silicone or plastic, they have small magnets placed in the center and at the ends.

They are sold in sizes of four as the application of two magnetic eyelash bands per eye is recommended. In this way the effect will be even more vivid with a super intense look that captures both day and night. The application is quite simple , once you take your hand, and it is also long lasting, thanks to the support of the small magnets that trap the natural lashes between the two bands.

Thick eyelashes
Thick eyelashes

To apply them correctly it is advisable to use a plastic eyebrow tweezer (not metal, I recommend) and a little patience, but only for the first few times! In fact, it will be necessary to place the false eyelashes on top of the natural ones , then do the same with the lower part in order to make the magnets adhere better. The natural ones will therefore be “stuck” between the two artificial strips and it will also be possible to use the magnetic false eyelashes with the eyeliner or mascara !

How do you remove false eyelashes?

To remove them, it is very simple: just rub the small magnets lightly between them in order to detach them, freeing the natural lashes from their grip. They can be used many times since they do not need solvents or make-up removers, becoming a secret of effect for our beauty routine . Finally, we recommend the use of castor oil in a preventive way and to keep your eyelashes strong and thick !

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