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Let’s find out how to prepare Kashmiri Chai: pink tea with a unique taste

Rose tea

Kashmiri Chai is a pink tea that takes on this color thanks to the addition of ingredients in the preparation, let’s find out more.

A green tea tinged with pink: here is Kashmiri Chai, a particular variant of tea obtained thanks to a traditional recipe. From a very oriental custom, which seems to originate in the Kashmir region of India , this drink is an alternative to the classic teas we are now used to.

If Kashmiri Chai is a unique rose tea, it is not only thanks to its rare color. Its flavor, in fact, with a salty aftertaste, means that this tea can also be enjoyed by those who do not like excessively sweet tastes. Let’s find out what ingredients are needed and how to prepare it.

How to prepare Kashmiri Chai: the ingredients

The basic ingredient of Kashmiri Chai is green tea , of course, however, it alone is not enough to get the particular taste of this drink. The preparation of this tea, in fact, requires some somewhat unusual ingredients such as salt and baking soda. Let’s see how it is prepared.

Rose tea
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The preparation requires boiling the green tea leaves together with baking soda: it is during this phase that the color change will occur. At the base of this curious color change is a chemical reaction due to the acidity of the tea and the bicarbonate (which acts as a base). At the end of this transformation, the drink will have an almost burgundy color.

At this point comes the most difficult part in which you will have to gradually pour very cold water into the tea. While pouring the water, you will also have to stir the tea so that it produces a little foam, similar to that produced in cappuccino. At the end you can then add some milk, just as if you wanted to mix white with red to make it become the desired color: pastel pink .

Kashmiri Chai rose tea: tips to enjoy it at its best

As we have said, Kashmiri Chai already has a particular flavor in itself. However, the drink can also be enriched with nuts, star anise or cinnamon, depending on your taste.

Being a tea that differs greatly from the classic flavor, it must also be accompanied in a different way. So no biscuits and cakes, rather bread , or to follow the Pakistani tradition a little cheesecake.

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