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Let’s learn how to use glycolic acid, an ally of beauty skincare

Face cleaning

The Italians consider skincare to be an indispensable moment to rely on to have healthy skin , starting with the most delicate face.

The Italians consider skincare to be an indispensable moment to rely on to have healthy skin , starting with the most delicate face.

Care and cleansing are the two aspects of any self-respecting beauty routine , but only by learning to exploit the potential of both can you achieve appreciable results.

Among the most used products to take care of the face , creams, serums and masks cannot be missing, of which the moisturizing properties but above all the anti-aging properties are noted. Indeed, 42% of Italian women declare that they take care of their skin with the aim of looking younger. And this is how anti-aging products come into play, among which glycolic acid occupies a place of honor.

Face cleaning
Face cleaning

Glycolic acid, king of skincare, perfect for the beauty routine of mature skin

Exfoliating, of clear natural origin, glycolic acid is the ideal solution to restore brightness, color and firmness to the skin of the face . Ally of the skin is perfect for any type of epidermis from the youngest to those over 50.

Glycolic acid is present in fruit, but not only. It is found naturally in fermented milk, beets and sugar cane. Treated properly it becomes a fundamental ingredient in the production of prestigious cosmetic solutions.

When opting for a face treatment with glycolic acid , a cream or a mask, we must consider the degree of concentration available.

In fact, glycolic acid can be used in different concentrations . A cream containing a presence of acid equal to 4-5% performs a moisturizing function and can be easily applied at home, spread on the skin and massaged until completely absorbed. Rising over 10-15%, we can count on intensive treatments, which absolutely exclude do-it-yourself.

In order to benefit from an intensive treatment it is in fact necessary to rely on the expert hands of a serious professional, an aesthetic doctor or a dermatologist, able to use the product in the most correct and safe way.

Glycolic acid peeling: the anti-aging treatment par excellence

Glycolic acid is perfect for mature skin because it has an anti-aging action, intervening on wrinkles and signs of aging .

Among the most effective treatments to be dedicated to mature skin, but not only to those, we can place the glycolic acid peeling , the perfect tool to erase small wrinkles, which are noticed around the eyes, lips and characterize the forehead. The peeling helps to eliminate or mitigate the expression lines that have outlined the face over time.

Relying on an expert professional, with three or four glycolic acid peeling sessions, carried out a few weeks apart, the results are clearly visible and the skin looks much younger.

For a do-it-yourself peeling you can opt for an intensive 7-day treatment formulated with 10% concentrated glycolic acid. An interesting solution is the one proposed by Revitalift Laser X3 in ampoules, capable of illuminating and smoothing the skin, reducing blemishes and giving a uniform color to the face. The results are noticed already after the first application. Once all seven ampoules have been used, small wrinkles are decidedly less visible and the skin is 81% renewed.

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