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Let’s learn street style from the Biebers: couple mix and match looks

Justin Bieber Hailey Baldwin

United in values, dreams but also in looks: Hailey and Justin Biebers ignite the street catwalk with their streetstyle outfits.

It doesn’t matter if they are in Los Angeles, Paris, Italy, Hailey Bieber and her husband Justin have discovered the formula for the perfect street style look: a passion they now share by focusing on clothing that almost sees them in couple outings. always walking in unison: sporty and hi-tech style, to which Hailey adds a sexy feminine touch, departing from time to time from Justin’s looks, but never daring too much.

We are ready then to make a small summary of their outings together, perhaps even convincing our boyfriends to share our passion for fashion and give ourselves to a mix and match fashion game for couples, perhaps paying attention to important occasions that may need a look on the same wave frequency… with that exception, as the Biebers show us, which occasionally confirms the rule. And it adds spice to the couple, even in the wardrobe!

Haley and Justin Biebers: street style, a shared passion and a couple

Their tastes are different in terms of looks, for sure, and yet every time they go out together most of the time it seems that Hailey and Justin Bieber at least agree on the mood to be respected. Today we want to be super sporty and comfy , they will ask, and here they appear together in tracksuits: white for him, in lime for her, which always adds that adorable and all-feminine touch of glamor.

– The garments change, flared shirt to wear over a pair of very short shorts, sneakers and backpack for Hailey, short Bermuda shorts, t-shirt and hat with visor for Justin, but the mood is the relaxed one of a walk in the city hunting of the next must have that will enrich the wardrobe. The two know very well how to match and complement each other, according to each other’s outfit. They almost seem to have fun!

Mix and match in Paris: when Justin couldn’t keep up with Haley

All very romantic, perfect, Justin could be the boyfriend of your dreams, yet in Paris during a few days of vacation, it seems that the two were not, surprising many, so loving and in agreement on street style to show off in unison . Both have decided to bring their American style with no ifs and buts. If Hailey was keen to show all her zest in crossing the streets of Paris without abandoning her glam style, Justin was not in step.

To be the synthesis of this mismatch of love senses this time is the choice of Justin’s outfit on the occasion of the visit to President Macron , during which the singer tried to stand up to Hailey’s elegant cut-out dress with a suit oversize in Celin pinstripe, softened by a pair of nike sneakers. Was Paris a bone of contention?

We would say no, because from time to time the two also love to marry different looks: in 2019, in fact, the model preferred to put aside tracksuits and trousers to show off a romantic mini dress combined with a pair of black moccasin-style sabots. A look under the August sun even much cooler!

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