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Let’s simplify the onion soup recipe with the Thermomix!

Thermomix onion soup

Tasty and creamy, here’s how to make onion soup with the Thermomix (and without flour) and make the French recipe faster.

There are few ingredients needed to make onion soup with the Thermomix. It is loved by many, but many others will – surely – still have some hesitation in trying it. However, you should know that in this preparation the main ingredient is cooked for a long time, along with other elements. For this reason, its strong flavor is lost and becomes softer, making it all sweet and savory . You can, therefore, be sure that this dish will not affect the state of your palate, after having tasted it.

Having said that, there is a clarification on where the white onion soup was born. The original recipe has its roots in the past, more precisely in the distant 1553. When Catherine de Medici was given in marriage to the King of France, the cooks borrowed this typical preparation from the Italian tradition. It was they who reworked the procedure, making the dish one of the most popular in the French repertoire, until today.

Thermomix onion soup
Thermomix onion soup

Preparing the recipe for onion soup with the Thermomix

  1. Before getting into the process, make the broth. The one made with the nut is also fine.
  2. Clean the onions and remove the outer layer before slicing them thinly.
  3. Pour them into the mixing bowl of the food processor, add the oil and butter. Cook for 1 minute , at 90 ° C and at speed 1 counterclockwise .
  4. Then, continue cooking for 8 minutes at 100 ° C , at the same speed.
  5. After this time, add the hot broth. Season with salt and pepper and cook for another 20 minutes , at the same temperature and at speed 2 anticlockwise .
  6. Meanwhile, prepare the terrines, in which to serve the flourless onion soup, made with Thermomix. Put slices of toast on the bottom.
  7. Spread the creamy soup into them and sprinkle with grated cheese.
  8. Bake in a convection oven and preheated ( grill ) at 220 ° C , for enough time to brown the surface. At the end, season with chopped chives and serve.


Once you have tried it, you will no longer be able to do without this French onion soup, made with the Thermomix. You can keep it for 1-2 days in the fridge , well covered, and then reheat it if necessary.

To enjoy an even more particular soup, prepare the Florentine onion soup or the classic onion soup !

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