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Lia is the new innovative pregnancy test which guarantees your privacy and safeguards the environment!

Since 1970s, when they were first created, pregnancy tests have never changed their design. Until now: Lia is the new tool that not only gives you a certain result, but is also eco-friendly and gives you the privacy you need!

A team of female researchers belonging to the American Lia Diagnostics Inc. created this new stick. It is discreet and ecological, because you can throw it in the toilet. Let’s find out what we are talking about!

Everything about Lia: the descreet and eco-friendly pregnancy test!

The design of this stick does not resemble the others: it looks more like a sanitary pad without wings. Moreover, it is not made of plastic, but of biodegradable materials: that is why after having used it, you can throw it in the toilet, without polluting.

Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/meetlia/?hl=it 

The test results are clearer and more certain. This pregnancy test is not recyclable, but it is completely eco-friendly and does not pollute. Nowadays, there is also a greater tendency in creating sustainable make-up and beauty products.

Lia works just like normal pregnancy tests. You dip one part in urine, and you get the result on the other side. This product is not that expensive, so you don’t need to go to the gynaecologist and you can safeguard your privacy.

Bethany Edwards, co-founder of the start up, explained: “We wanted to improve pregnancy tests, modernizing them by eliminating plastic and unnecessary technology. We obtained a more minimal, descreet and eco-friendly tool“.

Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/meetlia/?hl=it

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