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Licorice, a useful remedy for indigestion and acidity


Licorice has many properties that have made it one of the most used natural remedies. Let’s see why.

Licorice has great healing properties used above all to treat sore throats and coughs . However, it should be known that this plant can also be useful to alleviate problems related to poor digestion and gastric acidity.Science and tradition agree that the sticks of this plant have many qualities, so much so as to be one of the most used herbal remedies in the course of history.

In fact, already in western Asia and southern Europe licorice was a useful ally for the stomach and intestines and today a study by the Srinivasa Diabetic Research Center in Bangalore, India confirms it.

Licorice to digest: the benefits

The Indian research team that carried out the study analyzed a sample of 50 people. According to the results, the use of licorice sticks could affect the symptoms of indigestion and acidity. Also in Italy studies have been conducted on the use of licorice sticks.


Specifically, the Giussano Ceva hospital in Cuneo has decided to administer licorice to a group of subjects suffering from gastroesophageal reflux and acidity. The study lasted about eight weeks and the volunteers were divided into two groups:

-A treated with the active ingredients of licorice sticks, i.e. glycyrrhetinic acid and triterpene glucoside

-The other with standard treatment for these ailments

The result was a noticeable improvement in symptoms in patients who used the active ingredients of the root and licorice sticks. Although these results only affect a small sample of individuals, the effects on a large scale are unsafe.

In any case, it is reasonable to think that the use of licorice sticks can contribute positively to conditions of poor digestion, acidity or reflux .

Contraindications and other uses of licorice

As we said earlier, the therapeutic properties of licorice sticks are many and in general we can say that it is a safe food .

As with all things, however, it takes moderation because a massive consumption of licorice sticks, if taken lightly, can lead to serious consequences.


Some of which are lowering of potassium levels in the body or an increase in blood pressure , and both can have very serious implications and consequences. Furthermore, those suffering from hypertension should avoid this type of product.

In any case, before starting to consume licorice sticks , besides forms of this root, it is recommended to contact your doctor. So you can avoid taking unnecessary risks.

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