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Licorice herbal tea: discover its properties and how to make it

liquorice infusion

Licorice tea is an ally to take care of yourself in a simple and natural way. Let’s find out the most important properties.

Licorice herbal tea is widely used for its beneficial properties . It is in fact made from the licorice plant which is known for the many benefits it can bring to the body. Benefits which can be enjoyed both by consuming licorice directly and by using it in infusions and herbal teas. So let’s find out why drinking it is good for you.

Licorice herbal tea: properties

This infusion is loved by many for many reasons, the licorice root in fact contains some essential properties for the well-being of the organism. All these benefits, however, occur only with a constant and controlled intake, without exceeding. But let’s see what they are:

– Helps digest
– Relieves nose and throat congestion
– Makes bronchial secretions more fluid
– Helps the joints
– Disinflames the body
– Protects the liver
– Stimulates the immune system
– It’s good for your throat

For these reasons, drinking it is good for both colds and coughs, sore throats, asthma and stomach problems. At the same time, licorice herbal tea also has contraindications : it increases blood pressure and water retention. Reason why those who already suffer from it should avoid taking it. In case of doubts it is always good to ask your doctor for advice.

The licorice infusion

liquorice infusion
liquorice infusion

Starting from the simple licorice you can get a lot, preparing a purifying infusion in a short time.

To do this, you need to boil some water and add about 60 grams of licorice root (or what is suggested in the package or from the herbalist where you buy it).
Leave the root to infuse for about an hour and, after filtering it, drink the hot liquid. If it is too strong or bitter, it can be sweetened with a pinch of honey.

Licorice and orange tea

orange and cinnamon
orange and cinnamon

To obtain a licorice and orange herbal tea you need just two ingredients.

In fact, it is enough to put 40 grams of licorice root and a tablespoon of orange peel in boiling water, taking care to buy those with edible peel, i.e. untreated.
Leave everything to infuse for about 45 minutes and filter . Drink as always when it is still warm. Also in this case it is possible to sweeten everything with a pinch of honey, in order to make the herbal tea sweeter and more pleasant to drink.

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