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Lift platforms: what they are for and how they work

Grandmother and granddaughter

In many everyday situations, even at home, it can be difficult for a person with physical disabilities to overcome all the architectural barriers inside or outside a building.

In many everyday situations, even at home, it can be difficult for a person with physical disabilities to overcome all the architectural barriers inside or outside a building. Many times, a person with a disability is forced to travel in a wheelchair and to allow easier access in all buildings, a lifting platform can be installed.

A lifting platform is different from a stairlift in that it is designed to move vertically, like a mini-lift. Today there are many and different types of lifting platforms that can be installed inside apartments, condominiums and commercial premises. In fact, they represent the best solution to break down architectural barriers, even inside your home.

What a lifting platform / platform is and how it works

Grandmother and granddaughter
Grandmother and granddaughter

Platforms and lift platforms are, in many cases, a valid alternative to stairlifts. They are characterized by large platforms, very large so as to also accommodate an individual in a wheelchair.

They move vertically thanks to a motor and are characterized by a “dead man” mechanism, ie they require a person to hold down a button until the lifting platform arrives. However, the new technological models are characterized by innovative mechanisms that allow disabled people to use the lifting platform in total autonomy, without the help of a second person.

The lifting platforms and platforms for the disabled are the perfect solution to overcome any type of difference in height, from that of a few centimeters up to a difference in height of a few meters. Many models, in fact, can overcome even differences in height of over 2 meters in complete safety.

The main categories of lifting platforms are with shaft and without shaft. Some models are retractable, i.e. when not in use they align perfectly with the surrounding floor and limit the visual impact of the lifting platform itself. Others, however, have a more important footprint. The lifting platforms can also be made to measure and are suitable for overcoming differences in height up to 3 meters.

Use and safety

The lifting platforms for the disabled are made of different materials, mainly in high quality steel and aluminum, capable of being durable over time and offering total safety to the people transported. Each lift platform is tested after installation.

The platforms are characterized by a powerful motor and safety sensors that allow the system to be blocked in case of obstacles, lack of electricity or other problems. When the system stops, it generally returns to the ground floor in automatic mode. They are very simple to use and have intuitive controls that don’t require any technological skills.

To date, the designs of indoor or outdoor lifts are designed by all brands with an eye to aesthetics, so as to integrate the system into any environment.

How to calculate the cost of a lifting platform

The cost of a lift platform varies based on numerous factors, so it is not possible to identify an average cost. Generally, companies also consider in the estimate the types of masonry of the house, the internal and external fittings, the model of lifting platform chosen, the design and the added accessories.

All facilities for the disabled are characterized by concessions for those with disabilities, which allow to obtain tax relief for all those who carry out works in their own homes or condominiums , aimed at removing architectural barriers.

Other factors that are taken into account are the type of building in which to install a lifting platform, whether a private home or a condominium. The request methods are also different, because in the case of the condominium, the signature of all the condominiums present is required to install a lifting platform.

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