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Lifting manual: the new beauty treatment Chiara Ferragni loves!

What is lifting manual? The favourite anti-wrinkle treatment of Chiara Ferragni that has a miraculous effect, without resorting to surgery!

Having a more tonic and forever young face is possible, thanks to the lifting manual, a beauty treatment that even the most followed influencer of the world, Chiara Ferragni, loves. Her tonic and always bright face is the result of this treatment, as she revealed in this video on Instagram.

The secret of her relaxed and lit face is this type of massage, created by the facialist Alessandra Ricchizzi. Its action is immediate and you will not need surgery or injections. Let’s find out everything about this massage.

What is the facelift manual, the face massage Chiara Ferragni loves?

This is a real facial massage with anti-wrinkle effect which guarantees excellent results from the first session. This treatment comes from Korea, a country which often launches many new beauty treatments.

The specialist explained: “My facelift manual acts on the internal and external face muscles. It can erase from 2 to 10 years of ageing signs, depending on the underlying structure, because it lifts cheekbones“.

The treatment begins by unblocking the diaphragm, to ensure a higher tossue oxygenation and, then, it proceeds with muscle toning. The result is surprising, because the final effect is the one of a classic facelift. Other than Chiara Ferragni, also Belen Rodriguez and other stars love this treatment.

The massage is not made just using the professional hands, but it also needs a beauty roller. It helps draining tissues in people suffering from swelling. The movement is rotating and upwards, to better treat the face skin. Lifting manual also hydrates and brightens the face. It is a non-surgical treatment, very popular on social medias.

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