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Lighten hair: guide to the most classic and used techniques

blond woman

Are you wondering how to lighten your hair? The methods and all the possibilities from which to take inspiration to find the one that suits you best.

Lightening your hair is one of the most common choices you make when you decide to change your image. Whether you opt for a natural effect or a more sophisticated one, the results you can aspire to are in fact different and suitable for every type of personality. So let’s find out which are the best known hair lightening techniques and at the same time simple to implement when you decide to change color.

How to lighten hair: the best known, used and appreciated techniques

Among the ways to lighten hair, some have been popular for years and others are constantly evolving. With the change of fashions, in fact, even the desired effects change.

blond woman
blond woman

Nonetheless, there are techniques that are always current and which are also the most commonly used. Whether you choose to lighten your hair naturally and on your own or at the hairdresser.

From the famous streaks that allow you to add points of light scattered here and there around the hair, the best known techniques to give light to the hair are:

  • The shatush . Now very famous, it gives light to the hair by focusing more on the final part. A particular way to switch from the base color to a lighter shade that can be more or less intense according to personal taste. Also achievable at home, at the hairdresser it can be performed with the addition of other techniques such as, for example, toning.
  • The balayage . Much loved for the lightening effect spread throughout the hair but which degrades so as to leave the root intact. A technique that can be carried out at the hairdresser or at home and which allows both to lighten and to give a new color to the hair.
  • The mini meches . A sort of return to the great classic of lightening but with an eye to the most modern techniques and to the increasingly used counturing effects for hair. A definitely structured way to lighten hair and that for this requires an expert hand.
  • The degradè . Through light and dark shades it makes the hair lighter vertically and therefore apparently more homogeneous. Like streaks but so dense as to almost recall a color in which, however, that of its root is still visible.

All very beautiful techniques and to which new ones are always added and aimed at giving more light to the face.

What to know before bleaching your hair: the basic rules

If lightening your hair is without a doubt a way to feel better about yourself, it is important to do it right. In fact, whether you choose to try it yourself or at the hairdresser , care should not be forgotten, which once bleached will inevitably suffer stress.

It is therefore important to never lighten too much and rely on your structure to choose how far to push. Furthermore, once the hair has been lightened, it will be necessary to use creams and conditioners aimed at moisturizing them and thus making them healthier and shinier. All passages without which the hair would be dry and untreated.

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