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Lime and lemon are very different fruits: it is important to know why the differ, in order to choose the best product for your recipes.

They look almost identical, however these two powerful fruits have physical and beneficial differences. Their flavors is also different: knowing them is fundamental to choose the best product for our recipes.

Lime and lemon: are they the same fruit?

By now, you should know: they are not! The most evident difference between these two fruits is their look. Limes are smaller than lemons, with greenish peels. On the contrary, lemons, we know, are yellow and quite big. These two fruits also differs for their properties and taste.

For what concerns their nutritional values, limes contain less vitamin C than lemons. However, they belong to the same family, so it still is a natural antioxidant, disinfectant and antiseptic product. Its pulp contains up to 6% of citric acid: for this reason, it is more sour and stronger than lemon, but it still smells amazing.

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Therefore, limes are more acid than their yellow cousins, which instead contain more sugars and taste sweeter.

Lime, lemon, mint… and more!

The differences between these two fruits are their aftertaste and their smell; these two characteristics influence the way we use them in our recipes. In order to use lime and lemon in the right way, just keep in mind their properties!

Considering its more sour flavor, lime is better to season fish and crustacean risotto. Be careful and eliminate the fruit seeds: they are very bitter and, therefore, can ruin your dish.

However, lemon is still the main ingredient to flavor desserts, second courses, fruit salads and sauces (have you heard about the lemon diet?).

You can also mix these two fruits, in order to boost your energies and wellness. You can add them to your drinks or cocktails, in great moderation. In summer, you can make a refreshing lime, lemon and mint drink, while in winter you can prepare a lime, lemon and ginger herbal tea. It is perfect for your throat!

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/photos/limone-lime-mandarino-orange-584259/

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