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Lip wrinkles: how to eliminate them with natural remedies

Lip wrinkles: how to eliminate them with natural remedies

Not only dark circles and eye bags: another thing women hate is lip lines. How to get rid of them?

Makeup and plastic surgery are very efficient, but why don’t we try to get rid of lip wrinkles with cosmetics and good natural methods? Find out how to choose the right products to prevent and eliminate the lines around your lips.

Lip wrinkles: a thing every woman hates!

At 35-40 years old, around our lips can appear lip lines, due to a capillary weakness and a continuous muscular tension. Moreover, this problem is caused also by a lot of action we do every day: talking, screaming, chewing, whistling, smoking, drinking, kissing, etc.

Each one of these actions helps creating little lines that, with time, turn into serious wrinkles. At this point, there is nothing you can do but resorting to plastic surgery. However, you can prevent their appearance with good natural methods.

How to prevent lip lines?

As we have said, you can fight this problem from a young age by using efficient natural methods. How to strengthen your skin and avoid capillary weakness? The first remedy is to eat more fruit and vegetables rich in anti-oxidants. Actually, we should follow this habit since our adolescence.

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Therefore, it is better to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables, such as citrus fruits, kiwis and green-leafy vegetables. They are rich in vitamin C, that strengthen the capillaries and promotes microcirculation.

You can fight this problem also by using cosmetics. The best beauty shops will surely have anti-age products, which are perfect to get rid of lip wrinkles. Usually, these products contain many substances that rebalance our lymph levels and promote the production of collagene and natural ialuronic acid. Thanks to these substances, your skin will look younger, especially next to your lips.

Other than cosmetics, you should also follow a diet rich in proteins contained in white meat (chicken, turkey, rabbit and pork). Add also vitamin A-rich foods: eggs, milk and derivates promotes the skin elasticity, in order to have a face soft just like babies’!

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