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Living Coral hair: this Pantone color is the new trend for your hair!

Living Coral hair: this Pantone color is the new trend for your hair!

Living Coral: dye your hair in the new coral color chosen by Pantone for winter 2019 and give it a sense of lightness!

As we know, the color selected by Pantone for 2019 is Living Coral, an orange coral inspired by the sea. Hair will also have this color. Dying it coral pink gives your hair joy and lightness.

Pantone has chosen this new color as the nuance of the year. It will be widely used in fashion, make-up, nails and even for your hairstyle. Obviously this is a look only for the most daring people!

Pantone 2019 Living Coral, try it on your hair!

Pink, orange, coral and red shades will replace last year hue, Ultra-Violet. In particular, this color will be the protagonist in the beauty and hair worlds. This color is super vibrant and pop, and it can be applied on the hair in various ways.

Living Coral hair
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On social networks, many women have already posted several photos in which they chose a total hair look of this shade. It means that they dyed all their hair in Living Coral, while others dyed just some locks or only their hair tips.

Those who have chosen the total hair look with the Living Corl have dyed their hair from root to tip with all this color nuances, from pink to coral. Instead, the most daring people dyed their hair in mermaid blue and just their hair tips in Living Coral.

It is a very bold hair look, which is difficult to wear every day. However, it is certainly unique, and during the Christmas holidays it will not be unnoticed.

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