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Long beautiful and healthy hair: the rules to follow

Long hair

Women with long, healthy hair are very proud of it and rightly so.

Only with so much effort and commitment, in fact, you can show off splendid and healthy hair. Let’s see together how to obtain an enviable result.

A snack never hurts

When a woman wants to have long hair, unfortunately, she has to snack every now and then to make the ends look strong. In fact, the cutting of the tips, especially for those who claim healthy hair, must be done at least every two months. Of course, cutting them so spent will take much longer to reach the desired length, but this procedure will ensure that the hair is healthy and in good condition.

It is therefore better to cut them from time to time, rather than letting them stretch, to avoid a “wild” and uncared for effect. When you decide to cut your hair, you can also think of making the most of it by letting yourself be inspired by the best cuts for long hair offered by the most renowned beauty salons.

The moment of washing is fundamental

Keeping your hair long, healthy and strong is not an easy task. First of all, it is necessary to use products that have a low content of chemical elements such as silicones and parabens , which tend to weaken the hair.

Long and healthy hair
Long and healthy hair

When the time for washing arrives, therefore, it is better to prefer shampoo, conditioner and mask that have a high content of natural ingredients such as fruit and herbs. Furthermore, before proceeding with the purchase of the products, it is necessary to understand what your type of hair is and what your scalp looks like.

On the market they can be found for all hair types: frizzy, oily, dry, normal or treated. Finally, when you are in the shower and have to comb damp hair , a wooden comb or brush is used because this material does not break the hair and makes it less brittle.

Proper nutrition and the right protection

A thick and luxuriant hair always starts from a healthy diet . In fact, assimilating some nutrients that contain minerals, vitamin C and iron can promote hair lengthening and make them strong, so it is important to introduce foods such as spinach, fresh fruit, avocado, eggs, cereals, almonds, onions and cabbage into the daily diet.

It is also important to protect the hair from the elements , such as smog and UV rays which tend to dry the hair making it particularly frizzy. Especially in the summer season it is important to apply products that act as a protective shield against these harmful rays.

Attention to the brush and drying

Finally, brushing your hair every day for at least one minute is essential to be able to eliminate the smog residues that have accumulated in the scalp and on the lengths. Be careful, however, to use a wide-toothed comb and be very delicate to avoid breaking hair or letting it fall out .

In addition, it is important to dry them by applying the nozzle to the hairdryer and pointing it downwards. If the straightening plate is usually used, the hair must be clean and completely dry. Before passing it, then, remember to also apply a thermoprotective product so as to prevent hair from burning or becoming particularly frizzy.

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