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Losing weight with the pasta diet: a dream that comes true

bacon and egg

The pasta diet allows us to lose weight without giving up the food most loved by Italians! Let’s find out how it is possible …

When we decide to start a low-calorie diet aimed at weight loss, there are many sacrifices that we must take into account. The elimination of some high-calorie foods puts our willpower in a major crisis, which would however like to see us in great shape in a short time. First of all the foods to be drastically reduced in traditional diets is precisely the one Italians are most fond of: pasta.

However, some studies by expert nutritionists argue that the elimination of carbohydrates in the low-calorie diet is a big and common mistake. In addition to not being necessary for weight loss, it can also be the origin of a problematic nutritional decompensation, harmful to our body. Following this careful research, a balanced and healthy diet was created that allows us to lose weight in a short time, without missing the most traditional of Italian dishes, the pasta diet, every day.

bacon and egg
bacon and egg

Because eating pasta is good for you

Carbohydrates are an important source of energy for our body. In fact, to face an average active day, we need a diet that includes 40% carbohydrates of the total nutritional values ​​assumed. This means that eating pasta every day, in controlled quantities is good for you, just associate it with the right foods and do not exceed in quantities.

There are very effective diets, such as the ketogenic diet , which involve the total elimination of carbohydrates for a limited period of time. The results can be seen, the weight loss given by ketosis is real, but if you are not extremely attentive to the next phase of maintaining the diet, you risk regaining all the lost kg in a short time. So ketogenic drugs are very useful, but only if you are strictly adhering to its rules.

The pasta diet, on the other hand, allows us to lose less drastic weight in the first two weeks, then favoring the maintenance of weight later, due to a much less restrictive maintenance. 1.5kg per week that won’t come back unless you restart a high-fat diet without any control.

What the pasta diet consists of

This tasty diet introduces pasta once a day for lunch, associated with a vegetable that is not too caloric (we avoid potatoes). Instead, we will eat proteins for dinner, always accompanied by a steamed or boiled vegetable. Breakfast and snacks will be fruit, low-fat dairy yogurt or oatmeal.

This simple and healthy diet does not have great rules, but the few present must be respected. Pasta must not exceed 80 g and should never be eaten together with a second protein. The condiments must not exceed (a teaspoon of oil and vegetables to season the pasta are the allowed dose), wholemeal pasta is preferable to the classic one but alternating them is also okay.

What to eat in the pasta diet: menu

Now let’s try to describe an ordinary day of pasta diet by way of example . Let us remember that we can replace the foods indicated with others with similar nutritional values, always respecting doses and associations with other foods.

In the morning we start the day with 100 g of fresh seasonal fruit mixed with 100 g of natural yogurt and drink a bitter coffee or coffee with sweetener.

In the middle of the morning we drink an orange juice or a fruit juice that we particularly like. We avoid bananas which are particularly caloric and difficult to digest (bananas are recommended if a sports session is planned during the day).

For lunch we will eat 80g of pasta topped with fresh tomato, basil, black olives and pine nuts, all stir-fried with a teaspoon of oil. After the pasta we will move on to a nice salad with fennel, valerian salad, tomato, celery and carrots.

-To break up the afternoon we can eat a fruit that is not too sweet. Alternatively we can drink a packaged juice that does not include the addition of sugars in its ingredients.

At dinner we will eat proteins, which may be meat or fish, associated with a boiled vegetable seasoned with oil and lemon. A 150g veal steak, swordfish steak or bean soup are great options for the last meal of the day.

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