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Lots of fruits and vegetables, but also pasta: dietary advice from Dr. Marcello Ticca

Lots of fruits and vegetables, but also pasta: dietary advices from Dr. Marcello Ticca

Here are some food tricks recommended by Dr. Marcello Ticca, an Italian nutritionist, to keep in shape and in perfect health.

In order to being healthy and maintaining a healthy weight as well, it is essential to follow a correct diet, like the one developed by Dr. Marcello Ticca. If you suffer from health problems or you are overweight and must lose weight, it is important to see a dietician and seek professional advice for an appropriate diet.

Instead, if you just want to lose a few kilos you gained during the holidays or you simply want to keep your silhouette, you can follow some food advices: here are those of Dr. Marcello Ticca.

The diet of Dr. Marcello Ticca

A correct diet includes the intake of all the nutrients essential for our body proper functioning. Dr. Marcello Ticca, a food sciences expert and a well-known researcher, assures it is possible to follow a regular diet without giving up some treats.

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First, it is very important to eat all kinds of food: lots of fruits and vegetables, of course, but also meat and fish on a regular basis, for a correct intake of proteins, and also the inevitable pasta.

In fact, Dr. Ticca has given a valuable advice about pasta. According to a widespread idea, carbohydrates should never be consumed in the evening. After 3 pm (but the time might change according on different theories), the metabolism would slow down and not digest pasta, which would make us gain weight.

Actually, the principle at the basis of these statements is correct. In the evening, our digestion slows down and it is important to consume foods that the body can more easily assimilate. But – surprise! – among these there are carbohydrates.

There is absolutely no need to give up pasta at dinner, then, but you should pay attention to the dressings. It is better to focus on something light. Carbs are definitely easier to digest that meat proteins.

5 rules for a correct diet

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1 – Limit the fat intake, especially those of animal origin.

2 – You can treat yourself with a dessert at the end of your meal, but be careful not to exceed the recommended daily doses of sugar. Moreover, choose home-made products.

3- Fruits and vegetables should be eaten three to five times per day.

4 – Between a meal and another, eat a snack: you qill save energy and you will arrive less hungry at your next meal.

5 – Do not forget to stay hydrated: drinking is essential, you should take 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day.

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