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Love Parade: Gucci returns to the catwalk celebrating the golden age of cinema

Fashion show

The celebrations for Gucci’s centenary continue, with a fashion show in Hollywood.

After the unforgettable Gucci Aria fashion show with Balenciaga, on the crest of the wave in the world of fashion, now the maison directed by Alessandro Michele celebrates cinema . An expected stage after the declared and visceral love for music – reciprocated as shown by the latest Gucci campaign which identified how many times the word Gucci had been mentioned since 1921 – but which, however, has its roots even more deeply in a deep love: the tribute is not only to the dream factory but also to the mother of Alessandro Michele, who lived the golden years of cinema from the inside, working in a production company.

Love Parade: Gucci flies to Los Angeles, with an unforgettable collection and exceptional models

Of course when it comes to Gucci, there is always a magical ritual, a series of acts that will lead us to the triumphal one of the fashion show, and once again thanks to Instagram, where an invitation was posted a day ago. Just like a 1930s thriller, a note appeared in a video that reads Meet me on Hollywood Boulevard, November 2, 8 pm, Lallo and the caption for the post Love Scene Investigation . The nickname of Alessandro Michele is unmistakable, who anticipated the Love Parade fashion show in his own way .

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Some of the iconic faces of cinema could not exempt themselves from the show such as Macaulay Culkin , Mom’s baby I missed the plane who wore a suit to Miami Vice but in the refined and brilliant aesthetic of the maison, and Jared Leto, ambassador and representative from years of the maison and who will be among the protagonists of the upcoming film, directed by Ridley Scott, House of Gucci .

The fashion show thus became a walk of fame, a love ritual for cinema and its magic, to which everyone always binds an emotional bond, just like the drive that inspired Alessandro Michele. Los Angeles , which has always been a place of great inspiration for him, was the best place to welcome the first post-pandemic live show, as he explained at the press conference: “Coming to Los Angeles was like embracing life again, like embracing new love for my work. And after all, even Gucci is linked to the world of cinema, the jet set, film artists. So starting from here after the lockdown was a bit like going home, this was the place chosen by destiny ” .

The iconic looks of the dream factory: the golden years of cinema between silk dresses and tuxedos

Each dress is a tribute and a wink to the iconic looks and costumes of the glittering years of Hollywood, that place where everything became possible, inhabited by actors and actresses who were pagan gods or rather gods and goddesses , as Alessandro Michele defined them. The tuxedo , for her or for him, in its pop pastel tones seems to propose itself as the new evening dress, as the Maneskin and Gwyneth Paltrow also wear it, wrapped in a wonderful red velvet suit.

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And then there are the white dresses in the style of the 30s , dresses embellished with fur edges , to wear with glasses studded with glitter to wear with ease on everything and with everything: a parade of the best Hollywood, the one before the Sunset Boulevard , to which there is no shortage of tributes, revisited with contemporary eyes, as well as the fetish and spicy references to which Gucci has accustomed us, which this time transforms sex toys into ready-to-wear jewels . Irreverence and nostalgia to be re-read in a contemporary key, this is the mantra of those who fall in love with one of the most pop brands of the moment.

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