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Low-carb diets are the secret to stay slim and to keep a constant weight!

Low-carb diets are the secret to stay slim and to keep a constant weight!

How do you stay slim after losing weight, avoiding the yo-yo effect? With a diet low in carbohydrates, or low-carb diet!

You followed a rigid dietary regime, managing to lose weight, and now you have your ideal silhouette. But how do you keep it? It is easy, you just need to follow a low-carb diet, or a diet that is low in carbohydrates.

A new study published on the British Medical Journal rejects the theory many nutritionists agree upon, according to which you should eat “a little, but a little bit of everything“. Instead, according to this new theory, in order to not to gain weight, you should give up or reduce almost completely the consumption of carbohydrates.

The low-carb diet has very good results to keep a constant weight!

After many sacrifices and regular physical activity, according to this recent study there would only be one way to keep a constant weight. That is, to almost completely eliminate or considerably reduce the consumption of pasta and bread.

Unfortunately, people who have lost weight often gain it again. This happens because, after the weight loss, your metabolism burns fewer calories. As a matter of fact, when we lose weight, our energetic consumption decreases, and so it comes the well-known yo-yo effect.

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However, researchers at the Boston Children’s Hospital found out the only way to keep a constant body weight. In their research took part a sample of 234 overweight adults between 18 and 65 years old. They followed 3 different types of diets: with a high, medium and low level of carbohydrates.

Many of them have managed to lose nearly 10% of their body mass, reaching the target. But the challenge was not yet over, because they needed to keep their weight constant. Only those who ate almost no carbohydrate managed to stay slim.

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