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Lower back pain: causes, symptoms and treatment of back pain


Lower back pain is the classic pain that affects the lower back.

In most cases, this is due to muscle injuries or injuries affecting the ligaments of the back itself, although in other cases it is due to even more serious situations: for example, vertebral fractures, hernias, vertebral tumors, sciatica and cruralgia.

Not infrequently, lower back pain is associated with ailments such as stiffness, tingling and difficulty moving. For the most correct diagnosis, a physical examination is enough, in most cases. But let’s see in detail.


Lower back pain: useful info

Lower back pain is also known as low back pain , or lumbar back pain. A common symptom that can sometimes even become debilitating. As we know, back pain is a very common ailment, affecting both men and women, regardless of their profession and age.

It can present itself in various ways : some identify it as sharp pain, others as shooting or dull, or burning pain. Apart from this, it must be said that it is a very common annoyance: just think that, according to some statistics, 9 out of 10 people admit to having suffered from back pain at least once in their life.

Lower back pain: diagnosis and treatment

As for the diagnosis , the causes of pain are generally recognized thanks to an acute examination. If the anamnesis is not enough, it is possible to intervene with instrumental tests, such as magnetic resonance imaging, CT scan, X-rays. The therapy, on the other hand, must be targeted: it must aim both to relieve pain, and accelerate healing, and to counteract the cause triggering.

In most cases you can proceed with active rest : you must avoid all activities that lead to pain (such as lifting weights and unnatural movements), but avoiding remaining completely still. Taking correct postures is also essential. It may be helpful to place ice on the affected area.

In many cases, anti-inflammatory drugs, for example, Normast can be useful. This drug uses the Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) molecule to counteract chronic pain and act on inflammatory processes.

It is advisable, once the recovery has been made, to gradually return to physical activity: it is essential to pay maximum attention, avoiding a possible relapse.

Lower back pain: possible causes

There are several possible causes related to lower back pain. Generally speaking, we are talking about muscle injuries to the back or ligaments, perhaps due to too much effort or a wrong posture repeated over time. Even a wrong movement may be enough to reveal the disturbance.

As already mentioned, in some specific cases the lower back pain can be brought about by much more serious problems, which should then be analyzed in depth. That is why a visit to a specialist is important. Here are some possible causes :

  • vertebral fractures;
  • vertebral tumors;
  • herniated discs;
  • sciatica;
  • cruralgia;
  • lumbar spondylosis;
  • lumbar stenosis;
  • spine infections;
  • pregnancy;
  • kidney stones.

We recommend that you go to a specialist doctor if the pain is very strong and debilitating, and does not decrease even at rest. Furthermore, if a fever develops, there may be an infection in progress.

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