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The many benefits of lychees, the healthiest fruits of all

Lychee: the benefits of the healthiest fruit of allegare

Let’s learn about the main benefits of these fruits and their surprising nutritional properties.

Lychees are fruits coming from China. They have extraordinary features and properties, which can benefit out health in a thousand ways. The lychee plant grows wild in rainforests located in some Chinese islands. However, in the vast majority of cases they come from plantations in the South East Asia.

Nowadays it is possible to find it in market and supermarkets, all year long. Lychees looks like grapes with a rough and hard peel; its color varies from pink to coral red. It is better to eat them ripe after you peel them. Their pulp is whiteish, soft and juicy.

Lychees taste very sweet and they are strongly scented. However, be careful when you chew them, because they contain a shiny brown pit that you must not chew nor swallow, because it is toxic for our body.

The many benefits of lychees

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  1. This fruit has anti-inflammatory properties, because it contains a high amount of flavanol. Eat lychees after a workout at the gym: it will eliminate the inflammation and safeguard your muscle tissues and cartilages.
  2. Its high content of vitamin C strengthens the immune system. It is useful to eat this fruit when it’s cold, to fight colds and flus.
  3. After a heavy dinner, try and eat some lychees. Thanks to its digestive properties, this fruits effectively reduced gastrointestinal problems due to high amounts of food, by increasing the production of gastric juices in the stomach.
  4. The flavanol contained in these fruits is an amazing antioxidant, helpful for preventing heart problems and some type of cancers. Moreover, it prevents skin blemishes.
  5. Its high quantity of fibers promotes regular bowel movements, eliminating the problem of constipation.
  6. Thanks to its high content of vitamin C, lychees produce collagen and carnitine, absorb iron, fight free radicals and regulate blood circulation.

Lychees: side effects

Due to is particulat nutritional properties, you can eat this fruit only in case of regular blood sugar levels. People suffering from diabetes should limit or avoid it, because its content of sugar is very high.

Pregnant women should also be careful when eating lychees, in order to avoid spoiling their blood sugar levels.

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