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Makeup bags: what are the best ones?


You should always have your makeup bag at hand: here are the best ones on the market!

You should have you makeup bag always ready in every occasion, full of eye shadows, lipsticks and much more. Makeup lovers can’t do without it, especially because you can have many cosmetics at hand. However, it’s not always possible to buy a complete makeup bag. What are the best ones on the market you can also purchase online? Let’s find out! They’re perfect also as a gift for your friends.

The best makeup bags

-Deborah. Among the best ones, there is Deborah. Its huge box contains a wide choice of eye shadows, pencils, lipsticks, brushes and much more.


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-Revolution. Among the non-complete bags, there is the 32 eyeshadow palette from Make Up Revolution. There’s a great choice of colors, from light to dark, for a wonderful makeup! Furthermore, it is not bulky: you can easily carry it in your bag!

-BriConti. On Amazon it’s a bestseller: BriConti’s makeup bag. Small, but large enough to contain the essential make-up products. It is not expensive and you must try it at least once in your life!

-Netspower. We’re always talking about eyeshadow palette: Netspower’s is one of the most used. It’s a great deal: for a very low price you get more than 250 eye shadows!

-Pure Way. Lip gloss, concealer, blush, eye shadows, pencils, mascara and brushes: this is the dreamy bag! It contains everything a makeup lover needs…

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