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Mallow herbal tea: what is it for and what are its properties

mallow herbal tea

Mallow tea is a natural remedy that is used to solve various problems in a simple and immediate way.

When we talk about herbal teas, the topics to be discussed are always many. In fact, these are infusions that, in addition to being pleasant, offer various beneficial properties . A good example of this is the mallow infusion, usually used to calm anxiety but also to help the body against various enemies such as inflammation and infections. So let’s find out the many benefits and how to make it at home.

Infusions of mallow and herbal teas

It doesn’t take much to fully enjoy mallow tea. In fact, it is enough to get the mallow leaves or its flowers in herbal medicine.

mallow herbal tea
mallow herbal tea

Once this is done, just leave them to infuse in hot water for a few hours. After this time you can bring everything to a boil and after filtering the liquid with the help of a colander you can drink the herbal tea which can be sweetened with a pinch of honey.

Generally the dose to use is indicated by the herbalist. In the absence of indications, however, you can opt for about a tablespoon per cup.

If you want to try mallow together with other ingredients, you can also make herbal teas.

Mallow and fennel herbal tea: By combining a spoonful of mallow leaves and one of fennel seeds in a cup of boiling water you can obtain an emollient herbal tea capable of relieving the intestine. And the mallow and chamomile tea: for a calming and perfect effect to be taken before going to sleep, you can instead prepare an herbal tea with a teaspoon of mallow leaves and one of chamomile leaves. Perfect for relaxing the mind and for better rest.

Mallow infusion: the properties

As mentioned, the properties of mallow in herbal tea are many and varied and affect very different aspects. Below, the main properties:

– Depurative. Mallow helps purify the body in a natural way by stimulating the intestine.

– Anti-inflammatory . Drinking an infusion of mallow helps to soothe joint pain and counteract inflammation of all kinds.

– Cicatrizing. Mallow is an excellent healing agent and helps wounds heal faster.

– Gastroprotective. Drinking mallow herbal tea is good for the stomach, prevents heartburn and protects against gastritis.

– Calming. Mallow, just like chamomile , is known for its calming and relaxing properties. So much so that it is recommended in case of stress.

– Disinfectant. Excellent natural disinfectant , mallow helps prevent infections of various kinds.

To be able to enjoy these benefits, just consume a cup of mallow herbal tea a day, making sure to include it within a healthy lifestyle and with good nutrition at the base.

If you suffer from allergies and have doubts about mallow, it is preferable to contact your doctor before starting to use it.

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