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Mandala therapy: how to fight anxiety and stress by coloring

Colored mandala

Coloring is a widespread activity among children, less so among adults. However, this exercise has numerous beneficial effects: let’s discover mandala therapy.

In order to talk about mandala therapy, you must first understand what a mandala is. This concept derives from a word that originates from Sanskrit , and is a term that is used to indicate a sacred object of circular shape. Consequently, we could define this figure as a sacred circle .

According to Eastern traditions, mandalas would be representations of the universe . Consequently, going to color one of these figures, we could find ourselves with a representation of our self , of our inner world .

These sacred circles must be colored starting from the center , to be able to open towards the next, getting to know ourselves in the meantime.

The benefits of mandala therapy

The benefits of coloring are countless, confirmed by several psychology studies . As a result, mandala therapy could prove to be of great help.

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First of all, mandala therapy has great relaxing effects . In fact, to color a mandala, we take a break from everyday problems, helping those who use it to leave anxieties and worries behind. It helps to restore calm while awakening the creative part of the brain, often forgotten.

In addition to reducing stress , coloring a sacred circle will help relax the muscles , decreasing tension. But not only that, it will be a precious ally in increasing self-awareness and concentration.

When resorting to mandala therapy, attention must be paid to the figures and colors used. In fact, chosen figures and colors are closely linked to our emotions . Once the mandala is over, it would be advisable to try to associate these colors with the emotions they arouse, to help us process them.

Mandala therapy: how to start

Starting mandala therapy is very simple : there are many books on sale made up exclusively of mandalas ready to be colored. Once you have the book in your hands, browse it and choose the figure that inspires you the most.

After choosing the mandala, start coloring it starting from the inside . If possible, during the process eliminate all distractions , concentrate completely on the activity you are doing.

Another option is to search for mandalas online : just find one that you particularly like, print it and start the creative process.

Find out all about plant mandalas , excellent for the well-being of the body.

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