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Mandarin essential oil is enough to combat anxiety and insomnia

Mandarin essential oil

Mandarin essential oil: an essence with multiple beneficial properties. Let’s find out.

We all know mandarin, a small spherical orange fruit native to the Far East . However, not everyone is aware of the fact that this citrus fruit can also be used to obtain the essential oil of the same name.

Tangerine essential oil has innumerable beneficial properties , which can help in everyday life. Let’s find out the benefits and uses of this essence.

The properties of tangerine oil

Tangerine essential oil has innumerable beneficial qualities . This essence can successfully act against various ailments.

First of all, it is an extremely delicate essential oil, which makes it suitable for fighting insomnia or other sleep disturbances. In particular, it is effective against those due to stress, anxiety (state of mind against which this oil is particularly indicated) or tension. Furthermore, its delicacy also makes it suitable for use in children . In the latter, it is often used to combat hyperactivity and concentration disorders.

Mandarin essential oil
Mandarin essential oil

In addition to fighting insomnia, mandarin essential oil is suitable for those suffering from intestinal disorders . In promoting the action of the digestive system it also helps to eliminate excess liquids and waste substances, proving to be an excellent ally against overweight and obesity .

Among the other benefits brought by this essence, there are antiviral and disinfectant actions , to which is added its ability to promote blood circulation.

Mandarin essential oil: the uses

Now that we have discovered what the properties of mandarin essential oil are, the time has come to see how this essence should be used if optimal results are to be obtained. To begin with, we need to distinguish the different methods of use. Mandarin essential oil can be taken orally, it can be spread on the skin or used in diffusers.

If you decide to take it orally , the recommended dose is a couple of drops, in the evening before falling asleep, to combat sleep disturbances. Alternatively, if the benefits you are looking for are other, the ideal dose is two drops, three times a day. To take it, use a teaspoon with sugar or olive oil.

Going to use it on the skin , it is good to dilute it in a vegetable oil. In addition, it is good to remember that, despite being a non-toxic essence, it can be photo-toxic : do not expose the area where the oil has been used for at least twelve hours to sunlight.

To conclude, mandarin essential oil can also be used in aroma and essential oil diffusers to calm anxieties and nervousness .

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