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Mango is our ally in the fight against depression and anxiety

Mango is our ally in the fight against depression and anxiety

Researchers proved that mango, and especially its tree bark, have antidepressant anxiolytic effects.

There are many natural remedies against anxiety and depression, but do they actually work? Often, when we talk about this kind of problems, the natural methods we use have no scientific base.

However, if we are speaking about mangos and their antidepressant and anxiolytic effects, there are actual researches which stated something very surprising. Let’s learn something more!

Mango against depression

In the past, experts already proved that this tasty exotic fruit has a mild capacity in fighting depressive states and irritability. However, now researchers found out that even the mango tree cortex has extraordinary effects.

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The University of Lagos, in Nigeria, analyzed an extract of the cortex of the plant called Mangifera indica, which produces mangos. Scientists compared its effects against anxiety and depression with those of different drugs used to treat these pathologies.

The outcomes of the study have showed that the extract of mango tree cortex has many powers. It significantly improves depression and anxiety symptoms; moreover, it could be used to reduce antidepressant addiction, as these drugs have many side effects.

Mango properties

We are always looking more natural methods to fight depression and anxiety, because medicines, such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, have many side effects. This study on the mango tree cortex extract is very promising.

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In Africa, people has always been using this plant’s bark to prevent and heal many diseases, such as hypertension, insomnia and rheumatisms. In the past, many researchers proved mango tree cortex contains a lot of substances. For example, it is rich in alkaloids, flavonoids, riboflavin, niacin, thiamine, tannins and ascorbic acid.

Even mango itself has many benefits for our body. This exotic fruit has many properties against anemia and high blood pressure. It helps lowering cholesterol levels and preventing the formation of adipose cells. This is why it is a great ally if you want to lose weight.

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