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Mango lassi is a tasty Indian drink, rich in benefits. Let’s see how to prepare it following the traditional recipe.

Lassi is a drink coming from the Punjab, a region in Northern India. It is made with yogurt, water and spices. Sometimes, mango is also added.

Mango lassi is sweeter than the one without fruit. It is mainly drunk during spicy meals, because it has soothing properties. It is also very refreshing, so you can drink it during the entire day. let’s see how to prepare it following the traditional recipe!

Mango lassi: the Indian recipe

Making this drink is very easy. It’s like a smoothie, more the spices, but is is forbidden to add ice, because it would spoil the taste. In fact, ice is not necessary, because this drink is naturally refreshing.

Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/mangoandmangos/

In order to make two glasses of mango lassi, you need:

  • 200gr of sugar-free white yogurt;
  • 50cl of milk;
  • a tablespoon of sugar;
  • a ripe mango;
  • cardamom in powder.

Cut the mango in a half and remove its pulp with a spoon. Blend the pulp until homogeneous. Then, add yogurt, milk and sugar. Finally, add a teaspoon of powdered cardamom (or two, if you like the spicy taste) and blend again until homogeneous.

If your lassi looks lumpy, filter it. Store it in the fridge and drink it fresh. If you are vegan, you can replace white yogurt and milk with vegetal products, but not too sugary ones.

Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/mangoandmangos/

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