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Marigold: properties and benefits of this plant

Marigold: properties and benefits of this plant

It has soothing properties and is perfect to heal burns and reddenings: here’s why marigold is a plant with thousands of benefits!

Marigold is a plant with extraordinary soothing, hydrating and healing properties. It is very useful to take care of the skin, even the most sensitive ones. Moreover, it is amazing also as a drink, because it has relaxing powers. You can buy its oil, flowers or creams.

According to the use, you can choose the most convenient format. Marigold oils and creams are perfect for massages and localized treatments. Instead, its flowers are good to prepare herbal teas or localized compresses.

Properties and benefits of this plant

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One of the most famous properties of this plant is its soothing power. Marigold is very versatile, useful not only for your external wellness, but also for the internal one.

Its soothing properties work at the intestinal level, in case of gastritis or period pains. Instead, if used on the skin, you will notice a clear improvement in case of inflammations or infections.

The many uses of marigold oil

This product is perfect to take care of your skin, while in case of light burns tou can massage the burned area with it. Thanks to its antiseptic and healing properties, you can improve the conditions of the lesion, too. For example, you will avoid infections or to worsen the situation.

If your skin is sensitive and you got a sunburn or some irritating treatments, you can prepare some compresses to heal them. In a bowl, dilute marigold oil in ice cold water; then, soak a cotton cloth in it and put it where needed for about 10 minutes. As an alternative to the oil, you can try marigold creams!

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